Mathematical Physics


Group Overview

We develop and apply mathematical methods to understand physical theories. These include in particular probabilistic and functional analytic tools, with possible further mathematical excursions. We are interested in many-body theory and statistical mechanics, quantum field theory, Schroedinger operators, non-linear PDEs. Current keywords include renormalization, topological phases, non-linear dynamics, resonances. 

info for prospective students

Besides the seminars 'Differential Geometry, PDEs and Mathematical Physics' and Probability', we regularly offer graduate level courses related to the group members' research interests. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact a potential advisor as we usually have a few open positions each year. Those who already hold a Master's degree are able to start directly in the PhD program. 


Faculty Research Interests
Sven Bachmann
Stephen Gustafson Nonlinear PDEs from applied mathematics and mathematical physics, evolution equations, stability theory, scattering, solitons, topological solitons.
Young-Heon Kim Optimal transport, partial differential equations, and geometry.
Anotida Madzvamuse Coupling bulk-surface geometric PDEs with multi-physics for cell motility and pattern formation; Data-driven modelling in Experimental Sciences and Healthcare
Tai-Peng Tsai Partial differential equations from mathematical physics, including fluid and dispersive PDEs
Emeritus Research Interests
Joel Feldman Many-body Theory and Quantum Field Theory
Richard Froese Schrödinger Operators, Spectral theory of elliptic operators.