Discrete Mathematics


Group overview

The members of our group work in a wide range of research areas across discrete mathematics, with connections to harmonic analysis, representation theory, algebraic geometry, topology, and theoretical computer science. Members of our group have won numerous research awards in Canada and abroad, including the Krieger-Nelson Prize, Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Aisenstadt Prize, and Sloan fellowship. The research interests of the group include additive combinatorics, combinatorial geometry, combinatorial number theory, graph theory, extremal set theory, matching theory, random knotting, combinatorics of lattice animals, polyominoes and self-avoiding walks, combinatorial representation theory and symmetric and quasisymmetric functions.

Info for prospective students

We teach undergraduate and graduate courses in discrete mathematics. We are always interested to hear from potential graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. We often supervise summer research undergraduate students. Our summer undergraduate students have produced over a dozen research papers and have won numerous awards including the Governor General's Silver Medal for Science. They have gone on to pursue graduate studies at UBC, MIT, UMich, UCLA, Berkeley, Caltech, and Stanford. Current and former graduate students from our group have garnered many accomplishments. They include winning a departmental graduate research award, NSERC awards, and the Faculty of Science Graduate Prize. After graduation, our graduate students have continued on to universities such as Berkeley, UPenn, and EPFL.


Faculty Research Interests
Omer Angel
Andrew Rechnitzer Random knotting, combinatorics of lattice animals, polyominoes, and self-avoiding walks.
Jozsef Solymosi Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Discrete Geometry, and Combinatorial Number Theory.
Stephanie van Willigenburg Algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial representation theory, graph theory, posets, symmetric functions and their generalizations, tableaux combinatorics
Joshua Zahl Incidence geometry, the restriction and Kakeya problems, and sum-product phenomena.
Emeritus Research Interests
Richard Anstee Extremal set theory, graph theory, matching theory.
Postdoctoral Researchers Research Interests
Yifeng Huang Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, Number Theory
Graduate Students Research Interests
Mudit Aggarwal
Andrew Alexander
Gabriel Currier
Huub de Jong
Maria Esipova
Kenneth Moore Discrete Mathematics, Measure Theory, Riemannian Geometry
Chi Hoi (Kyle) Yip arithmetic combinatorics and analytic number theory