Newly Arriving Students

Congratulations for being accepted to UBC! Follow the checklist provided by UBC Graduate School and make sure you are ready as early as possible. The following sections are specific to the Department of Mathematics.

Math Office

Room 121 of the Mathematics Building houses the Department's helpful staff, including the Graduate Program Coordinator. Please drop in and introduce yourself when you arrive at UBC. 

The mailroom is in MATH 125 and a mailbox will be set up for you. There are trays for outgoing mail in the Math Office. Letterhead envelopes and campus mail envelopes are also available. 

In the Math Office you'll also find teaching stationary supplies, pens, chalk, notepaper, and other miscellaneous stationery. There is classroom technology available to borrow on a short-term basis, including extra projectors, adaptors and laser pointers. 

Office Space

For office assignment and office keys email the Facilities Manager

Email, MathNet Access and IT issues

Mathnet is our internal network. Our IT department will set up an email address and Mathnet account for you. They can be contacted via email or in person at MATH 227. 

Qualifying Exam

Study! All incoming PhD students are strongly encouraged to write the qualifying exam that takes place in early September (MSc students are exempt).

Further inquiries

Check out UBC Graduate School pages for additional information and guides, for any other enquiries please email our Graduate Program Coordinator.

You can also find online resources for International Students.