Graduate Alumni

We are proud of our graduates. They have won prizes for their theses, and have found mathematical jobs in universities and colleges and in industry. This list shows where most of our activity has been in the past; recent hirings may change some of those patterns.

In most of the cases where the thesis advisor is not a current member of the Mathematics Department, the supervisor was a member of another department at UBC.

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Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Aoki, Yusuke Comparison Theorem for Scalar Curvature A. Fraser, Y-H Kim



Bowles, Malcolm

Linear transfers, Kantorovich operators, and their ergodic properties

Y-H Kim, N. Ghoussoub PhD Postdoc Teaching Fellow, UBC

Denson, Jacob

Cartesian products avoiding patterns

M. Pramanik, J.Zahl MSc Continue to PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Doering, Madeline

A Brief Introduction to Symbolic Dynamics and Periodic Points

B. Marcus MSc

Script Editor, Crash Course, Missoula, Montana

Durney, Clinton

Applications of vertex modelling to epithelial morphogenesis

J. Feng


Postdoc, The John Innes Centre, UK

Gherga, Adela

Computing elliptic curves over Q via Thue-Mahler equations and related problems

M. Bennett PhD

EPSRC Postdoc, University of Warwick

Gonzalez Anaya, Javier Negative curves in blowups of weighted projective planes K. Karu PhD

Postdoc, UC Riverside

Hernandez Torres, Alma Sarai A macroscopic view of two discrete random models O. Angel, M. Barlow PhD Postdoc, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Herrera Reyes, Alejandra Interpretation of fluorescence microscopy experiments on cell surface receptor dynamics with stochastic and deterministic mathematical models D. Coombs PhD Postdoc, University of Nottingham
Hughes, Thomas

A boundary local time for super-Brownian motion and new path properties for superprocess densities

E. Perkins PhD NSERC Postdoc, McGill University
Marian, Mihai Thinking of (1,1) knots using elastic bands on peg-boards and combed glazing on the mille-feuille L. Watson MSc Continue to PhD, UBC Mathematics
Qiu, Mingfeng Computational studies on interfacial dynamics in complex fluids J. Feng PhD

Postdoc, École Normale Supérieure Paris

Ridgway, Wesley

Analysis of a 2D model of quorum sensing characterized by a transition from bistability in spatially coupled signalling compartments

M. Ward, B. Wetton MSc

Continue to PhD, Oxford

Sheinbaum Frank, Daniel Applications and connections between twisted equivariant K-theory, quantum mechanics and condensed matter A. Adem, G. Semenoff PhD Unknown
Shukla, Abhishek Kumar Essential dimension and classifying spaces of algebras Z. Reichstein PhD Postdoc, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Wang, Chen Baroclinic critical layers in rotating stratified shear flows N. Balmforth PhD Postdoc, University of Exeter, UK
Zhou, Yifu

New gluing methods and applications to nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations

J. Wei PhD

Postdoc, Johns Hopkins University

Zhu, Junjie On the Lp-improving property of the Cantor-Lebesgue measure S. Bachmann, R. Froese, M. Pramanik MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC

Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Altaf, Iqra decoupling theory (a topic in Fourier analysis) M. Pramanik MSc Continue to PhD, University of Chicago
Bahrini, Aram Essays on Pair Approximations in Birth-death Process with Three-Types C. Hauert MSc Continue to PhD, University of Virginia
Faulkner, Katharine Modeling milk production in the lactation period and the effect of feeding frequency on milk productioE E. Cytrynbaum MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
Funk, Felix Directed migration shapes cooperation in spatial ecological public goods games C. Hauert MSc Unknown
Hsu, You Hung Shifted q = 0 affine algebras S. Cautis PhD Postdoc, The National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Taiwan
Jaschek, Tim Geometric implications of capacity estimates and fast volume growth in metric measure Dirichlet spaces M. Barlow, M. Murugan MSc Mitacs - Quantitative Researcher, 1QBit, Vancouver
Kwon, Hyunju Existence and ill-posedness for fluid PDEs with rough data D. Li, T. Tsai PhD Postdoc, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University
Lai, Nicholas On the Zero-Free Region of Certain Families of Dedekind Zeta-Functions L. Silberman MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
Liu, Ye Theoretical and numerical study of free-surface flow of viscoplastic fluids: 2D dambreaks, axisymmetrical slumps and surges down an inclined slope N. Balmforth PhD Software Engineer, Fortinet Inc. Burnaby, BC
Liu, Yue Analysis of pattern formation in reaction-diffusion models for cell polarization L. Keshet MSc Continue to PhD, Oxford
MacDonald, Sophie An idiosyncratic survey of entropy and computability in some lattice systems G. Slade MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
Narayanan, Ashvni local images of l-adic Galois representations attached to elliptic curves S. Ramdorai, V. Vatsal MSc Continue to PhD, London School of Geometry & Number Theory (LSGNT)
Parvardi, Amir Hossein Various problems on subproducts of residue classes modulo a prime G. Martin MSc Math Olympiad Instructor, AoPS (Art of Problem Solving)
Rajendran, Arun Parallel direction splitting for 3D incompressible navier-stokes equations A. Wachs MSc Machine Learning Engineer, Xtract AI, Vancouver
Soofiani, Amin On L-functions of elliptic curves and anticyclotomic towers M. Bennett, S. Ramdorai MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
Trainor, Charlotte Multilinear restriction estimates on fractal sets I. Laba, M. Pramanik MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
White, Ethan On rigidity of unit-bar frameworks R. Anstee, J. Solymosi MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Barton, Alistair Dynamic and stochastic propagation of Brenier’s optimal mass transport N. Ghoussoub MSc Continue to MA Economics, University of Toronto
Boroushaki, Shirin A self-dual approach to stochastic partial differential equations N. Ghoussoub PhD Postdoc, Mathematics, UBC
Chan, Hon To Hardy New solutions to local and non-local elliptic equations N. Ghoussoub, J-C Wei PhD Postdoc, ETH Zurich
Da Silva, Curt Large-scale optimization algorithms for missing data completion and inverse problems F. Herrmann PhD Software Engineer, UrtheCast, Vancouver
Fraser, Robert Configurations in fractal sets in Euclidean and non-Archimedean local fields M. Pramanik, A.Magyar PhD NSF Postdoc, University of Edinburgh
Ghadermarzy, Navid Near-optimal sample complexity for noisy or 1-bit tensor completion O. Yilmaz PhD Researcher, 1Qbit, Vancouver
Griffith, Cody Non-smooth dynamics in the Stommel model of the thermohaline current R. Kuske MSc Research Scientist, 908 Devices, San Jose, CA
Klöckner, Matthias Exponentially fast convergence to flat triangles in the iterated barycentric subdivision G. Slade MSc Unknown
Knutsdottir, Hildur The multi-levelled organization of cell migration: from individual cells to tissues L. Keshet PhD PostDoc, Johns Hopkins University ( Johns Hopkins Center for Cancer Target Discovery and Development)
Kong, XiangRong An analysis of lithium-ion battery state-of-health through physical experiments and mathematical modelling B. Wetton, B. Gopaluni MSc Software Developer, Vision Critical, Vancouver
Li, Ka Fai The Kähler-Ricci flow on non-compact manifolds A. Chau PhD Postdoc, Morningside Center of Mathematics
Liu, Michelle imensionality reduction for solving large scale inverse problems with PDE constraints through simultaneous source method E. Haber MSc Unknown
Marinelli, Alessandro The Unboundedness of the Maximal Directional Hilbert Transform I. Laba, M. Pramanik PhD Unknown
Mavraki, Niki Myrto Unlikely intersections and equidistribution with a dynamical perspective D. Ghioca PhD Boas Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Pietromonaco, Stephen An introduction to modern enumerative geometry with applications to the banana manifold J. Bryan MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
Sargent, Pamela Index bounds and existence results for minimal surfaces and harmonic maps A. Fraser PhD 3-year lecturer, Yale University
Simpson, Reginald A three dimensional set of limit points related to the abc Conjecture J. Gordon, G.Martin MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
Tom, Foster Classifying the near-equality of ribbon Schur functions D. Ghioca, S. van Willigenburg, A. Rechnitzer, J. Solymosi MSc Continue to PhD, Berkeley
Yin, Ziming Noise induced tipping in ocean circulation based on the Stommel model R. Kuske MSc Continue to MscAc, Computer Science, University of Toronto
Zmurchok, Cole From signaling to cell behaviour: modelling multi-scale organization in single and collective cellular systems L. Keshet PhD Postdoc, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Belk, Edward Periods of Eisenstein series and cohomology of modular curves J. Gordon MSc Continue to PhD Math, UBC
Bhaskar, Dhananjay Morphology based cell classification: unsupervised machine learning approach L. Keshet MSc Continue to PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Brown University
Cheng, Xinyu On the stability of a semi-implicit scheme of Cahn-Hilliard type equations D. Li, B. Wetton MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
Cheung, Elliot Birational models of geometric invariant theory quotients Z. Reichstein MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UBC
Coles, Matthew Behaviour of solutions to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation in the presence of a resonance S. Gustafson/ T. Tsai PhD Educational Program Director, UBC Mathematics
Gavin, Colin The fattening phenomenon for level set solutions of the mean curvature flow A. Chau/ J. Chen/ A. Fraser MSc R&D Consultant, FEI Company, Portland, OR
Louca, Stilianos The ecology of microbial metabolic pathways M. Doebeli PhD Postdoc, Department of Zoology, UBC
Ma, Man Shun Geometric properties of the space of Lagrangian self-shrinking tori in R^4 J. Chen PhD Postdoc/Hill Assistant Professor, Rutgers University, New Jersey
Nelson, Kristina Two Special Cases of the Dynamical Mordell-Lang Conjecture in Positive Characteristic D. Ghioca MSc Continue to PhD, Mathematics, UC Berkeley
Rothauge, Kai The discrete adjoint method for high-order time-stepping methods U. Ascher/E. Haber PhD Unknown
Roxanas, Dimitrios Long-time dynamics for the energy-critical harmonic map heat flow and nonlinear heat equation S. Gustafson PhD Lecturer at the University of Sheffield
Saadi, Hassan Dilaton as the Higgs particle N. Ghoussoub MSc Continue to PhD Computer Science, Boston University
Shakerian, Shaya Borderline variational problems for fractional Hardy-Schrödinger operatorse N. Ghoussoub PhD Postdoc, Mathematics, UBC
Wallace, Benjamin Renormalization group analysis of self-interacting walks and spin systems G. Slade PhD Postdoc, IST (Institute of Science and Technology) Austria
Ye, Zichun Models of gradient type with sub-quadratic actions and their scaling limits M. Barlow PhD Quantative Analyst -Model Validation, Financial CAD, Surrey BC
Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Askarogullari, Murat Can Generations And Relations For Ring of Invariants Z. Reichstein MSc Continue to PhD Math, Koc University
Bai, Fan Vaccination models in infectious diseases F. Brauer PhD NSF PDF, Texas Tech University
Bergeron, Maxime The topology of representation varieties J. Pettet PhD NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow and L.E. Dickson Instructor, University of Chicago
Brassil, Matthew An extension to the Hermite-Joubert problem Z. Reichstein MSc Continued to PhD Math, UBC
Briceno Dominguez, Raimundo Combinatorial aspects of spatial mixing and new conditions for pressure representation B. Marcus PhD Postdoc, School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University
Byrne, Catherine Spatial stochastic models of HSV-2 lesion dynamics and their link with HIV-1 acquisition D. Coombs MSc Continue to PhD, Microbiology, UBC
Gomez, Daniel A non-singular integral equation formulation of permeable semi-infinite hydraulic fractures driven by shear-thinning fluids A. Peirce/M. Ward MSc Continue to PhD Math, UBC
Gou, Jia Oscillatory dynamics for PDE models coupling bulk diffusion and dynamically active compartments: theory, numerics and applications Y-X Li/M. Ward/W. Nagata PhD Postdoc, University of Minnesota
Hernandez Torres, Alma Sarai Collisions of trajectories and random walks O. Angel/M. Barlow MSc Continue to PhD Math, UBC
Hughes, Thomas Asymptotic Behavior of (1 + beta)-Stable Super Brownian Motion near the Boundary of its Support E. Perkins MSc Continue to PhD Math, UBC
Iyaniwura, Sarafa Mathematical Modelling of Partially Absorbing Boundaries in Biological Systems YD. Coombs MSc Continue to PhD Math, UBC
Lim, Tongseok On the structure of optimal martingale transport in higher dimensions Y-H Kim PhD Postdoc, Oxford
McAvoy, Alexander Essays on game theory and stochastic evolution C. Hauert PhD Postdoc, Harvard
Ronagh, Pooya The Inertia Operator and Hall Algebra of Algebraic Stacks K. Behrend PhD Postdoc, Mathematics, UBC
Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Blois, Cindy Functional integral representations for quantum many-particle systems J. Feldman PhD Lecturer, USC
Bruni, Carmen Twisted Extensions of Fermat’s Last Theorem M. Bennett PhD Lecturer, Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, Waterloo
Chandgotia, Nishant Markov Random Fields, Gibbs States and Entropy Minimality B. Marcus PhD Postdoc at Tel Aviv University
David, Jummy Funke Mathematical epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis co-infection F. Brauer MSc Continued to PhD Math, UBC
Flynn, Mallory Diameter of the In nite Variance Dynamic Con guration Model M.Barlow MSc Continued to PhD Mathematics at UBC
Frei, Spencer A lower bound for p_c in range-R bond perolation via SIR epidemic methods E. Perkins MSc PhD in Statistics at UCLA
Garcia Armas, Mario Group Actions on Curves over Arbitrary Fields Z.Reichstein PhD Unknown
Garcia Ramos Aguilar, Felipe Randomness and Structure in Dynamical Systems: Different Forms of Sensitivity and Equicontinuity B.Marcus PhD Unknown
Hambrook, Kyle Restriction theorems and Salem sets I. Laba PhD NSERC Postdoc and Visiting Asst. Professor, University of Rochester
Jana, Subhajit Sup-norm problem of certain eigenfunctions on arithmetic hyperbolic manifolds L.Silberman MSc PhD at ETH Zurich
Kroc, Edward Kakeya-type Sets, Lacunarity, and Directional Maximal Operators in Euclidean Space M.Pramanik PhD Independent statistical consultant; instructor in UBC Statistics Department
Lindstrom, Michael Investigation into the feasibility and operation of a magnetized target fusion reactor: insights into mathematical modelling B. Wetton PhD Postdoc at UCLA
Mather, Kevin Regularity of Minimal Surfaces: A Self-contained Proof A. Fraser/ YH. Kim MSc Unknown
Moyles, Iain Hybrid asymptotic-numerical analysis of pattern formation problems B. Wetton PhD Research Associate, University of Limerick, Ireland
Nevin, Joshua A survey of results toward the class number problem for real quadratic fields S. Ramdorai MSc PhD at Toronto
Stykow, Maxim Representation rings of semidirect products of tori by finite groups A. Adem PhD Unknown
Tewari, Vasu Operators on compositions and noncommutative Schur functions S. van Willigenburg PhD Acting Asst. Professor, University of Washington
Thompson, William Parametrization and multiple time scale problems with non-Gaussian statistics related to climate dynamics R. Kuske PhD Position at NMi Gaming, Vancouver
Tomberg, Alexandre Renormalisation group and critical correlation functions in dimension four G. Slade PhD Data Scientist, Knowtions Research
Tung, Shen-Ning Fontaine's rings and p-adic L-functions S.Ramdorai/ V.Vatsal MSc Unknown
Wei, Siqi Cohomology of Groups and Brauer Groups S. Ramadorai MSc Unknown
Wong, Thomas Enumeration problems in directed walk models A. Rechnitzer PhD Postdoc, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Paris13
Yang, Wen Some new results on the SU(3) Toda system and Lin-Ni problem J-C. Wei PhD Postdoc, Center for Mathematical Sciences, National Taiwan University
Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Radzimski, Vanessa Points of small height on plane curves D. Ghioca MSc Continued to PhD Education at UBC
Mavraki, Niki Variation of the Canonical height in a family of rational maps D. Ghioca MSc Continued to PhD Math at UBC
Lu, Hongliang Critical probability of half space percolation A. Nachmias MSc Unknown
Hargreaves, Brock Sparse Signal Recovery; Analysis and Synthesis Formulations with Prior Support Information O. Yilmaz MSc Unknown
DuTot, Meghan Comparing cell polarization models unsing local perturbation analysis L. Keshet MSc Unknown
Montazer, Ryan Effect of geometry on the behavior of steady Newtonian fluid in a multiply connected domain B. Homsy MSc Unknown
Okay, Cihan Homotopy colimits of classifying spaces of finite abelian groups A. Adem PhD Postdoc at University of Western Ontario
Kanazawa, Atsushi Study of Calabi-Yau geometry K. Behrend PhD Postdoc at Harvard
Ghadermarzi, Amir Thue equations M. Bennett PhD Unknown
DeGiuli, Eric Continuum limits of granular systems N. Balmforth PhD Postdoc at New York University
Cernele, Shane Essential Dimension and Linear Codes Z. Reichstein PhD Has position with the Canadian Government in Ottawa
Yang, Zhengzheng Nonlocally related partial differential equation systems, the nonclassical method and applications G. Bluman PhD Unknown
Zou, Chenglong On a generalization of Waring's conjecture M. Bennett MSc Unknown
Sargent, Pamela Minimal hypersurface of the round sphere A. Fraser MSc Contined to PhD Math at UBC
Qin, Tong An exactly divergence-free finite element method for non-isothermal flow problems D. Schoetzau MSc PhD student at Brown University
Pang, Chao Uniqueness of Larangian mean curvature flow and minimal immersions with free boundary J.Chen/       A. Fraser PhD Postdoc in Korea
Mun, Byeongju Harnack inequality for nondivergent linear elliptic operators on Riemannian manifolds: a self-contained proof Y.H. Kim MSc Unknown
Mohyedin Kermani, Ehsan The behaviour of the Hilbert scheme of points under the derived McKay correspondence J. Bryan MSc Unknown
Luo, Yuwen On the Regularity of Navier-Stokes Equations in the weak-L3 spaces T.P.Tsai MSc Continued to PhD Math at UBC
Liao, Laura Signaling in single cell wound healing L. Keshet MSc PhD student at Ryerson
Kohler, David Alon's second eigenvalue conjecture: simpliefied and generalized J. Friedman PhD Unknown
Hormozi, Sarah Transport and dispersion of particles in visco-plastic fluids I. Frigaard MSc Postdoc at Ohio
Heumann, Jay Modular symbols; Eisenstein series and congruences V. Vatsal PhD Teaching at U.of Wisconsin-Stout
Ghadermarzy, Navid Using prior support information in compressed sensing O. Yilmaz MSc Continued to PhD Math at UBC
Folz, Matthew Adapted Metrics and random walks on graphs M. Barlow PhD Data Scientist at Yammer
Edwards, Mclean On monotone operator classes and the Borwein-Wiersma decomposition: with demonstrations using low dimensional examples and the construction of decompositions P. Loewen PhD President at Syndemetic
Chen, Yu-Ting Stochastic models for spatial populations E. Perkins PhD Postdoc at University of Montreal
Cairns, Hannah Ellipse Packing A. Nachmias MSc PhD student at Cornell
Bauerschmidt, Roland Decomposition of free fields and structured stability of dynamical systems for renormalization group analysis G. Slade PhD Postdoc at Princeton
Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Koo, Eva On global properties of solutions of some nonlinear schrodinger-type equations S.Gustafson/
PhD Postdoc at U. Iowa
Mejia Miranda, Yuri The critical points of lattice trees and lattice animals in high dimensions G. Slade PhD Unknown
Rozada, Ignacio Topics in the stability of localized patterns for some reaction-diffusion systems M. Ward PhD Working at BCIT
Steinberg, David Curve-counting invariants and crepant resolutions of Calabi-Yan threefolds J. Bryan PhD Postdoc at UBC
Wong, Erick Structure and randomness in arithmetic settings G. Martin PhD Unknown
Cheek, Caleb Towards a Classification of descent multiplicity-free compositions S. van Willigenburg MSc Unknown
Delgado Carrillo, Monica Two Mathematical Approaches to a Study of a TCell Motion and Activation in the Lymph Node D. Coombs MSc Working at U. of Guanajuato in math outreach with schools
Herrera Ryes, Alejandra Mathematical models for immunodeficiency virus: post-treatment and memory activation D. Coombs MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Hoskins, Jeremy The application of symmetry methods and conservation laws G. Bluman MSc PhD in U. Michigan
Kolesnik, Brett Expander graphs O. Angel MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Moulding, Erin Spectral properties of matrices arising from primal-dual interior-point methods for convex quadratic programs C. Greif MSc Teaching at Columbia College
Richardson, James Inradius Bounds for Stable, Minimal Surfaces in 3-Manifolds with Positive Scaler Curvature A.Fraser MSc Technical Analyst for UBC Center of Operations Excellence
Robson, Lance Shalika Germs are Motivic J. Gordon MSc Law School at UBC
Yu, Hang On the minimal degrees of complex linear representations of classical groups over finite local rings L. Silberman MSc Unkown
Zaman, Asif Escape of mass on Hilbert modular varieties L. Silberman MSc Continued to PhD at UoT
Zukewich, Joshua Space Matters: evolution and ecology in structured populations C. Hauert/
M. Doebeli
MSc Unknown
Abbaspour, Hesameddin Arithmetic theory of symmetrizable split maximal Kac-Moody groups B. Casselman PhD Grad school in Ottawa
Bennoun, Steve Localization in weak bialgebras and Hopf envelopes J. Carrell/
P. Brosnan
PhD Swiss civilian service
Fazly, Mostafa m-Liouville theorems and regularity results for elliptic PDEs N. Ghoussoub PhD Postdoc at UBC
Hamieh, Alia Special values of anticyclotomic l-functions N. Vatsal PhD Postdoc at Queen's University
Harland, Nicholas The iterated Carmichael lambda function G. Martin PhD Instructor at University of Manitoba
Timmers, Dennis Phase transitions in the neighbourhood of mean field theory D. Brydges PhD Unknown
Carnovale, Marc Gowers Norms for Measures I. Laba/
M. Pramanik
MSc Continued to PhD at Ohio State University
Fraser, Robert On the number of prime solutions to a system of quadractic equations A. Magyar MSc Contiued to PhD at UBC
Hiller, Rebecca Mathematical modeling of maltose uptakesystem in E.Coli using nanodisc fluorescence quenching data E. Cytrynbaum MSc Unknown
Keet, Adrian The Kervaire Invariant A. Adem MSc Working for Nvidia (Silicon Valley)
Koch, Christina Families of forbidden configurations R. Anstee MSc Unknown
Leppanen, Samuli On the Crossing Number Inequality and Two-Dimensional Complex Plane J. Solymosi MSc Continued to PhD at ETH
Martel, Justin Geometric retracts of Siegel's upper half space L. Silberman MSc Continued to PhD at UofT
Milnor, Thomas On the Orbifold Fundamental Group D. Rolfsen MSc Unknown
Rupert, Malcolm Extending Erdos-Kac and Selsberg-Sathe to Beurling primes with controlled integer counting functions G. Martin MSc Unknown
Vo, Huan Three-manifold Constructions and Contact Structures D. Rolfsen MSc Continued to PhD at UofT
Yu, Wing Wa Inversion of airborne electromagnetic data in 2.5D E. Haber MSc Working at EOS UBC
Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Cook, Brian Equations in the primes A. Magyar PhD Van Vleck Assistant Professor (PDF) at UW-Madision
Morrison, Andrew Computing motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants J. Bryan PhD Postdoc at ETH
Rose, Simon Counting hyperelliptic curves in Abelian surfaces with quasi-modular forms D. Sjerve PhD Postdoc at Queen's University
Carlquist, William A computationally efficient method for solving Min system reaction-diffusion equations within growing and dividing domains that approximate a rod-shaped bacterium E. Cytrynbaum MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Culibrk, Ana Essay on The Cohomology of the Regular Varieties J. Carrell MSc Teaching at Columbia College
Willoughby, Mark High-order time-adaptive numerical methods for the Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard equations B. Wetton MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Ye, Zichun Mayer Expansion for monomer-dimer system D. Brydges MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Zhai, Sa Essay on Risk Management with Short-term Futures and Contracts I. Ekeland MSc Unknown
Li, Zheng Class Field Theory - A Review of the Classical Approach S. Ramdorai MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Mi, Yue An Exploration of International Stock Return Comovement and Portfolio Diversification I. Ekeland MSc Working at China Merchants Bank in Shanghai
Millien, Pierre On a polar factorization theorem I. Ekeland MSc Continued to PhD at Ecole Normal Superieure in Paris
Paton, Kelly A study of wave propagation in the FitzHugh Nagumo system E.cytrynbaum MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Thom, Mark Square-Free Trinomial Discriminants G. Martin MSc Continued to PhD at Lethbridge
Vakil, Ali Cyclic Steps and Roll Waves N. Balmforth MSc Working at Canada Research and Development
Zhou, Chengchao An Essay on Risk-Management with Short-Term Futures Contracts D. Schoetzau MSc Works in China Zheshang Bank
De Zeeuw, Frank An algebraic view of discrete geometry J. Solymosi PhD Postdoc at UBC
Duncan, Alexander Rhys Finite groups of low essential dimension Z. Reichstein PhD Postdoc at UCLA
Gill, Hardeep Singh Interacting measure-valued diffusions and their long-term behavior E. Perkins PhD Currently attending law school at UBC
Kapoor, Vishaal Asymptotic formulae for arithmetic functions G. Martin PhD Working at Google in California
Klaus, Michele Group actions on homotopy spheres A. Adem PhD Postdoc at the University of Augsburg in Germany
Raggi, Miguel Forbidden configurations R. Anstee PhD Unknown
Wei, Xiaoxi Mixed discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for incompressible magnetohydrodynamics D. Schoetzau PhD Teaching in China
Chandgotia, Nishant Markov random fields and measures with nearest neighbour Gibbs potential B. Marcus MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Hambrook, Kyle David Implementation of a Thue-Mahler equation solver M. Bennett MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Jakobsen, A. Magnus Algebraic Geometry A. Adem MSc Continued to PhD
Kurella, Venu Asymptotic Analysis of First Passage Processes with Applications to Animal Movement D. Coombs MSc Unknown
Moyles, Iain Ross Thermo-Viscous Fingering in Porous Media and In-Situ Soil Remediation B. Wetton MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Nguyen, Bich-Ngoc Cao Induced Maps in Galois Cohomology Z. Reichstein MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Ross, Carol Jessie The isoperimetric inequality in Rn A. Fraser MSc Orienteering in France
Sollazzo, Rhoda Jane The finite field restriction problem I. Laba / M. Khosravi MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Tewari, Vasu Vineet On the computation of Kronecker coefficients S. van Willigenburg MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
White, Shaun Ryan The Fifteen Theorem V. Vatsal MSc Unknown
Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Chipeniuk, Karsten Owen Structure and arithmetic in sets I. Laba PhD Postdoc at Indiana University Bloomington
Clarkson, James Price Group actions on finite homotopy spheres J. Smith PhD Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Charleston in the Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Cowan, Craig Thomas Regularity in second and fourth order nonlinear elliptic problems N. Ghoussoub PhD Craig Cowan has a tenure-track position at the University of Alabama, Huntsville
Goodman, Jesse Alexander Invasion percolation on regular trees: structure, scaling limit and ponds G. Slade PhD Postdoctoral researcher at Eurandom, a probability research institute in the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Lindsay, Alan Euan Topics in the asymptotic analysis of linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems M. Ward PhD Postdoc at the University of Arizona
Louidor, Erez Capacity of multidimensional constrained channels: estimates and exact computations B. Marcus PhD Working at Google in California
Meyer, Aurel Nathan Essential dimension of algebraic groups Z. Reichstein PhD At the University Paris-Sud
Moradifam, Amir Hardy-Rellich inequalities and the critical dimension of fourth order nonlinear elliptic eigenvalue problems N. Ghoussoub PhD Amir Moradifam has an NSERC PDF and he will be at Columbia University
Soo, Terry Coupling, matching, and equivariance O. Angel / A. Holroyd PhD Postdoc at University of Victoria
Zarate Saiz, Ramon Inverse and Homogenization Problems for Maximal Monotone Operators N. Ghoussoub PhD Intern programmer at Ayogo Inc.
Garcia Ramos Aguilar, Felipe Mass Transport and Geometric Inequalities N. Ghoussoub MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Bell, Peter Newton Portfolio management with index insurance I. Ekeland MSc Continued to PhD in Economics at UVic
Cernele, Shane Maximal Representation Dimension For Groups of Order pn Z. Reichstein MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Chan, Ian Hiu Fung Parametric Subharmonic Instability and the beta-Effect N. Balmforth MSc Continued to PhD at the University of Toronto
Chen, Yifei CVaR Optimization and Multivariate Joint Density Modeling I. Ekeland MSc Financial software developer at Bloomberg, New York
Cheng, Tao Hedging Long-Term Commodity Risk with Dynamic Hedging Strategy I. Ekeland MSc Reserve Management Dept., State Administration of Foreign Exchange in China.
Dixon, Kael Nicholas Collapsing Fibres Under KŠhler Ricci Flow on Hirzebruch Manifolds A. Chau MSc Continued to PhD at McGill
Hakimi, Koopa Moduli space of sheaves on fans K. Kalle MSc Continued to PhD in Math at UBC
Helmuth, Tyler Jon Burton A Positive Definite Range Decomposition for Green's Functions D. Brydges MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Kroc, Edward Mario The Kakeya Problem M. Pramanik MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Lefebvre, Jerome IARAs; The finite-dimensional Case B. Casselmann MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Lindstrom, Michael Robert Asymptotic and numerical modeling of magnetic field profiles in superconductors with rough boundaries and multi-component gas transport in PEM fuel cells B. Wetton MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Morrison, Jennifer Susanne Deciphering multi-state mobility within single particle trajectories of proteins on the plasma membrane D. Coombs MSc Continued her studies at Faculty of Education (SFU)
Pareja, Daniel Antonio Numbers with small and specified prime factors G. Martin MSc Continued to PhD in Math at UWaterloo
Ronagh, Pooya Ringel-Hall algebras and applications to moduli K. Behrend MSc Continued to PhD in Math at UBC
Stykow, Maxim Riemann surfaces and Mumford's Conjecture Z. Reichstein MSc Continued to PhD in Math at UBC
Thompson, William Frederick Stochastic phase dynamics of noise driven synchronization of uncoupled conditional coherent oscillators R. Kuske MSc Will continue to PhD at UBC
Wan, Andy Tak Shik Finding conservation laws for partial differential equations G. Bluman MSc Continued to PhD in Montreal
Wong, Thomas Enumeration problems in Baumslag-Solitar groups A. Rechnitzer MSc Continued to PhD at UBC
Zhai, Sa Essay on the Optimal mechanism of the IPO market I. Ekeland MSc Investment banking analyst at China International Capital Corporation in Beijing, China
Zhao, Zian Essay on a CDS Pricing Model with Joint Defaults I. Ekeland MSc Junior quantitative research assistant
Graduate Thesis / Interest Supervisor Deg. Life After UBC
Cantarero-Lopez, Jose Maria Equivariant K-Theory, Groupoids and Proper Actions A. Adem PhD Postdoc at CRM in Barcelona, Spain
Carrasco Teja, Mariana Primary Cementing of a Highly Deviated Oil Well I. Frigaard PhD Postdoc at UBC's Mathematics department
Chen, Wan Asymptotic Analysis of Dynamic Instabilities in the Gray-Scott Model M. Ward PhD Postdoc position at Oxford University
Clay, Adam Joseph The Space of Left Orderings of a Group With Applications to Topology D. Rolfsen PhD Postdoc at the University of Montreal
Code, Warren Joseph Measure-Driver Impulsive Systems: Stablization, Optimal Control and Applications P. Loewen PhD Science Teaching and Learning Fellow at UBC's Mathematics department
de Oliveria, Gustavo Barbagallo Asymptotics for Fermi Curves of Electric and Magnetic Periodic Fields J. Feldman PhD Postdoc at Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Sao Carlos, SP, Brazil
Duman, Ali Nabi Fusion Algebras and Cohomology of Toroidal Orbifolds A. Adem PhD Unknown
Guan, Meijiao Asymptotics and Singularities in Landau-Lifshitz Equations S. Gustafson /
T. Tsai
PhD Postdoc at UBC
Halasan Florina Absolutely Continuous Spectrum for the Anderson Model on Trees R. Froese PhD Postdoc at Universitat Jena in Germany
Jilkine, Alexandra A Wave-Pinning Mechanism for Eukaryotic Cell Polarization Based on Rho GTPase Dynamics L. Keshet PhD Postdoc at the University of Texas
Kliem, Sandra Martina Stochastic ODEs and PDEs for interacting multi-type populations E. Perkins PhD Postdoc at Eindhoven Technical University in the Netherlands
Lukeman, Ryan James Modeling collective motion in animal groups: from mathematical analysis to field data L. Keshet PhD Assistant Professor at St. Xavier University
Merchant, Sandra May Spatiotemporal Patterns in Mathematical Models for Predator Invasions W. Nagata PhD Science Teaching and Learning Fellow at UBC's Mathematics department
Molina-Escobar, Alberto Filtering and Parameter Estimation for Electricity Markets M. Barlow PhD Unknown
Morin, Matthew Jordon Schur-Positivity of Differences of Augmented Staircase Diagrams S. van Willigenburg PhD Lecturer at Fairleigh Dickinson University at the downtown Vancouver campus
Zhu, Liang Robust a Posteriori Error Estimation for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Convection Diffusion Problems I. Laba PhD Working at RBC in Toronto
Ayaz, Ulas Sigma-Delta Quantization and Sturmian Words O. Yilmaz MSc PhD student at Bonn University
Folz, Matthew Bryan Gaussian upperbounds for heat kernels on Markov chains and on manifolds M. Barlow MSc PhD student at UBC
Geng, Xin Markov Chains and Mixing Times Introduction and Examples M. Barlow / D. Brydges MSc PhD student in UBC Economics/Sauder School of Business
Kang, Yicheng Well-posedness of 2D Navier-Stokes equations E. Perkins /
T. Tsai
MSc PhD student at the University of Minnesota
Khomenko, Maria Viscous fluid instabilities under an elastic sheet A. Peirce / N. Balmforth MSc Teaching at Columbia College in Vancouver
Prosk, Erin The cofilin activity pathway in mestastasizing mammary tumor cells L. Keshet MSc Teaching in Montreal
Raghoonundun, Avishka Bhavna-Devi Models for Electricity Prices I. Ekeland MSc Lecturer in the Department of Economics and Statistics at a University in Mauritius
Schwartz, Ryan Clifford On Affine Cubes in Squares J. Solymosi MSc PhD student at UBC
Wang, Jieren Pairs Trading with Robust Correlation R. Kuske MSc Market data analyst at the Center for Research in Security Prices in Chicago.
Wang, Li Term Structures of Defaultable Bonds I. Ekeland MSc Unknown
Zhang, Siliang Can Investor Profit from the Daily Timing Strategy? Average Stock Variance and Market Returns I. Ekeland MSc Working at the Center of Ecxcellence in the Sauder School of Business at UBC