Seminars and colloquia

E.g., Jun. 17, 2022

Luca Ciandrini

U. Monpellier
Modelling mRNA translation: from the individual transcript to the impact on cellular physiology

May 18, 2022

Zoom - contact Katie Faulkner for link

One of the greatest challenges in biophysical models of translation is to identify coding sequence features that affect the rate of translation and therefore the overall protein production or the cellular growth rate. I will first introduce a power series method to solve a ... Read more
  • Mathematical Biology

Ruixiang Zhang

UC Berkeley
A stationary set method for estimating oscillatory integrals

May 19, 2022

Given a polynomial $P$ of constant degree in $d$ variables and consider the oscillatory integral $$I_P = \int_{[0,1]^d} e(P(\xi)) \mathrm{d}\xi.$$ Assuming $d$ is also fixed, what is a good upper bound of $|I_P|$? In this talk, I will introduce a ``stationary set'' method that ... Read more
  • Harmonic analysis

Mingfeng Qiu

Laboratoire de Physique de l'Ecole Normale, France
Math bio seminar - Qiu

June 1, 2022

  • Mathematical Biology

Balint Virag

University of Toronto
Fields-CRM-PIMS Award Lecture

September 30, 2022