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  • The MLC is now open for January-April 2021!

What is the MLC?

The MLC is a (virtual) space for Undergraduate Students to study Math together, with friendly support from tutors, who are graduate students in the Department. All students taking Math courses are welcome at the MLC, appointments are not needed.

MLC Schedule

The MLC for the current semester will run online via Zoom!

The virtual session will run 12pm-7pm every day Monday to Friday from January 25th until April 14th. Please see the MLC Canvas page for the zoom link.

TA's will be available to help in separate breakout rooms. All TAs can help with first and second year math courses. For higher level courses, see the TA specialist schedule.

Please note that while students are encouraged to seek help with homework, the MLC is not a place to check answers or receive solutions, rather, our aim is to aid students in becoming better learners and to develop critical thinking in a mathematical setting.

Contact: MLC Head TA - Amin Soofiani: soofiani@math.ubc.ca


How can I ask for help?

Once in the meeting, our host TA will direct you to a breakout room with one of our experienced TAs. You can use the "raise hand" feature in zoom to ask for help.

How can we do math together in the online space?

Everyone's personal situation and access to technology will be different. Some students may be able turn their mic's on and ask questions. Some students may have a tablet but others can write on a piece of paper and hold it up to their camera. We can also use Zoom's the shared whiteboard feature.

We're all doing our best given the circumstances. We're counting on a healthy dose of patience and understanding from both TAs and students as we work together.