Transfer Credits

Transfer credit requests (FOR STUDENTS)

If you are a student: first, attempt all relevant choices of the three options below:

  1. Consult the UBC Transfer Credit Tool to see if a decision has been made regarding the course in question. The BC Transfer Guide might also be useful.

    UBC Transfer Credit Tool

  2. For credits obtained before admission to UBC, contact UBC Admissions
  3. Contact the advising office of your faculty.

If it is impossible for your transfer credit question to be answered using the above points, or if you are a visiting, second-degree or graduate student, submit a query using the Advising Contact Form. If you have already contacted an appropriate office, and they asked you to contact the Mathematics Department directly, you must include the email address of the person who referred you in your message.

Transfer credit requests (FOR advisors)

If you are a Faculty- or Department-level transfer credit advisor, faculty member or staff member dealing with transfer credits: you can contact the Math Department Transfer Credit Advising Team directly at Student emails to this address will be ignored and automatically deleted.

Transfer credit results

UBC can recognize a Mathematics course taken at another university in three different ways:

  1. Specific credit for a UBC course, if there is a UBC course whose material you have covered entirely at the appropriate level. You will be exactly in the same situation as if you had taken that course at UBC.
  2. Generic credit if the courses you have taken are at an appropriate level but do not correspond to any specific UBC course. These are entered on your transcripts in the format "Math 1st(3)", "Math 3rd(6)" or similar and count as mathematics courses of the specified year and number of credits. Generic credits help satisfy degree requirements and course pre-requisites denominated in credits (e.g. total credits for graduation, or a pre-requisite of "at least 12 MATH credits 300-level and above").
  3. Exemption from a UBC course. This covers requirements based on this course (e.g. if the course is required for graduation or as a pre-requisite for further courses) but does not affect credit counts. Second-degree and graduate students may only receive exemptions.