Registration Issues

General Information

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We do not register students into full course sections. Most of our courses do not have wait lists. There is normally lots of movement in and out of courses during the main registration period. Be vigilant and patient. (Even if you are on a wait list, you are encouraged to register in a seat if one opens up.)

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites are enforced firmly. You will be blocked or de-registered if you do not satisfy the course requirements.


In general, we will not register you into a MATH course that conflicts with another course, even if the other course is asynchronous.

OTHER registration ISSUES

To register in a course or switch sections for one of the reasons below, submit your request via the following link. Not all requests may be resolvable.

Advising Contact Form

  1. UBC Requirements: You are in your final year of your undergraduate studies, and the course is imminently required for your graduation.
  2. Varsity Athletic Commitments: You have signed documentation from a coach, stating dates and times of commitments. 
  3. Employment Responsibilities: You have signed documentation from an employer, on company stationery, outlining your work schedule and its conflict with your academic schedule.