Seminars and colloquia

E.g., Dec 7, 2023

Clifton Cunningham

University of Calgary
Generalizations of Arthur packets

December 11, 2023

MATH 126

Introduced in conjectural form 35 years ago and put on a solid foundation only 10 years ago, Arthur packets now play an inportant role in the Langlands program. In this talk I will describe some fundamental properties of local Arthur packets, review a conjectural ... Read more
  • Algebra and Algebraic geometry

Shamil Asgarli

Santa Clara University
Linear system of hypersurfaces passing through a Galois orbit

December 14, 2023

ESB 4133

Consider the vector space (parameter space) of all homogeneous forms of degree d in n+1 variables defined over some field K. Geometrically, the vanishing set of such a form corresponds to a hypersurface of degree d in the projective space P^{n}. The dimension of this parameter ... Read more
  • Algebra and Algebraic geometry
  • Number Theory

Antonio Alfieri

AG talk by Antonio Alfieri

February 26, 2024

MATH 126

  • Algebra and Algebraic geometry