Past Events

E.g., Jun 17, 2024

Neda Abasi

Chaos in One Dimensional Piecewise Smooth Dynamical Systems

June 10, 2024

ESB 4133

We study the family of one dimensional piecewise smooth dynamical systems in which two classic theorems are still permanent. One of them is Birkhoff Transitivity Theorem and the other one is Banks, Brooks, Cairns, Davis and Stacey Theorem. Baker like maps with N-branches ( N>2 ) constitute an... Read more

Gang Tian

Peking University/BICMR
Ricci flow on Fano manifolds

May 28, 2024

PIMS Lounge

In this talk, I will discuss a long-standing problem on type II singularity of Ricc flow. First I recall some known results on long-time behavior of Ricci flow, then I will present our solution to the above problem. I may also discuss a related problem concerning clasification of Fano manifolds... Read more

  • Differential geometry
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Partial Differential Equations

Jayadev Athreya

University of Washington
Apollonian Circle Packings: A Radicant Story

May 28, 2024

Math Annex

We'll talk about a piece of mathematics bringing together number theory (Ivan Niven's subject), geometry, and dynamical systems, that exemplify many of the things I love about math - community, diversity, collaboration, beautiful images, and an ongoing story of discovery. Lots of pictures! Read more

Chi Hoi (Kyle) Yip

Paley graphs: new results and open problems

May 17, 2024

ESB 2012

Given a prime power $q \equiv 1 \pmod 4$, the Paley graph of order $q$ is the graph defined over $\mathbb{F}_q$ (the finite field with $q$ elements), such that two vertices are adjacent if and only if their difference is a square in $\mathbb{F}_q$. A clique in the Paley graph over $\mathbb{F}_q... Read more

Fanze Kong

Qualitative analysis of localized patterns within several classes of reaction-advection-diffusion systems

May 17, 2024

ESB 2012

Abstract: Reaction-diffusion systems serve as paradigms to describe ubiquitous pattern formation phenomena arising from natural science and social science such as biology, ecology, finance,etc., and have been extensively studied over the past several decades. Whereas, while modeling some... Read more

Augustin Lafay

Aalto University
Web models as a generalization of O(N) loop models

May 13, 2024


In this talk, I will present results obtained in physics on so called web models. Web models are two dimensional lattice models defined from some graphs called webs that arose in representation theory. The A1 case recovers the well-known O(N) loop model on the hexagonal lattice. After reviewing... Read more

  • Probability

Ian Cavey

Verlinde Series for Hirzebruch Surfaces

May 13, 2024

Verlinde series are generating functions of Euler characteristics of line bundles on the Hilbert schemes of points on a surface. Formulas for Verlinde series were determined for surfaces with $K=0$ by Ellingsrud, Göttsche, and Lehn. More recently, Göttsche and Mellit determined Verlinde series... Read more

  • Intercontinental Moduli and Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Edgar Knobloch

UC Berkeley
Propagation failure, and intermittent spiking in Meinhardt's model of sidebranching

May 8, 2024

ESB 4133

In this talk I will describe some properties of Meinhardt's model of sidebranching. This is a four-species reaction-diffusion model dating from 1976 describing the interaction of four fields, the concentrations of an activator, an inhibitor, the substrate, and a marker for differentiation. The... Read more

  • Mathematical Biology

Stève Cyrille Kenne

Universite des Antilles
A nested model with boosting and waning of immunity from an infection with distributed resistance to pathogens carrier-state: Application to the Tilapia Lake Virus.

April 22, 2024

ESB 4133 (PIMS Lounge)

This work proposes and analyzes an immune-structured population model of tilapia subject to Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV) disease. The model incorporates within-host dynamics, used to describe the interaction between the pathogen, the immune system and the waning of immunity. Individuals infected... Read more

Sarah Dijols

Generic representations and ABV-packets for $p$-adic groups

April 18, 2024

ESB 4133

After a brief introduction on the theory of $p$-adic groups complex representations, I will explain why tempered and generic Langlands parameters are open. I will further derive a number of consequences, in particular for the enhanced genericity conjecture of Shahidi and its analogue in terms of... Read more

  • Number Theory