Max Gheorghiu

Graduate Student

2022: Visiting postgraduate research student at the University of Southampton from August to December
2019–present: PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of A. Adem (in progress)
2018–2019: MSc in Mathematical Sciences, University of Oxford, UK
2015–2018: Mathematics BSc, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Research Interests
My general research area is group theory. More specifically, I have written a preprint on right-angled Artin groups and am writing my thesis on a generalisation of Tate cohomology. Moreover, I am applying condensed mathematics to address a question about cohomology of pro-p groups for which my thesis work is relevant. The underlying theme of all my projects is the quest of understanding the structure of groups. For this I like to employ homological, geometric or combinatorial methods or to look at the topology of a group.

"Loose ear decompositions and their applications to right-angled Artin groups"
Max Gheorghiu, July 2023

Contributed presentations
-) August 2023: "Condensed mathematics and group cohomology"
Early Career Symposium for Topology, Actions and Symmetry,
University of Southampton, UK
-) November 2022: "Group cohomology through condensed mathematics"
Pure Mathematics Lunchtime Seminar, University of Southampton, UK
-) November 2022: "Tate cohomology for profinite groups"
Algebra Seminar, University of Lincoln, UK
-) November 2022: "Right-angled Artin groups and graph subdivisions"
Pure Postgraduate Research Student Seminar, University of Southampton, UK

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