Why study Mathematics?

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Mathematics is as varied as the people who engage in it. For some, it is a practical tool for quantitative science. Mathematics helps us to describe and explain the world, to categorize and form connections. For others, its aesthetic qualities make mathematics a kind of logical art form centred on abstract entities like sets and axioms.

As a student of mathematics, you'll be exposed to many different perspectives on the subject. You'll also learn problem-solving skills, logic, numeracy, perseverance, and critical and creative thinking. You'll become better at considering things clearly. Your mathematical education will also make you a highly employable individual within many sectors.

A degree in mathematics will emmerse you in an abstract world where you get to puzzle and find patterns. You will learn how basic rules and definitions can be used to build conjectures, proofs, and theories about diverse mathematical structures. At the same time, a math degree will provide you with practical tools for understanding the world that come in the form of differential equations, stochastic processes, and computational mathematics.

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All mathematics education will lead you to a cornucopia of jobs available for someone with your skill set...

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