Putnam UBC Past Results

The "Rank" column refers to the rank of UBC's team, among all teams that entered that year. All other ranks are individual ranks.

Individual North America Top 200 (1988 - present)
Year Team Rank Students in top 200 in North America
2019 38th Kim Dinh (top 250)
2018 8th* Jeffrey Dawson (70th), Heng (Henry) Xia (120th), Sina Saleh (206th)
2017 11th Jeffrey Dawson (76th), Heng (Henry) Xia (130th), Sina Saleh (178th)
2016 35th Jeffrey Dawson (131st), Stefan Bamberger (168th)
2015 63rd
2014 50th
2013 32nd Farzad Fallahi (183rd), Ursula Anne Lim (202nd)
2012 8th* Ruiyuan Chen (43rd), Karlming Chen (63rd), Eric Naslund (137th)
2011 9th* Ruiyuan Chen (43rd), Karlming Chen (109th)
2010 6th* Mohammad Bavarian (45th), Yuqi Zhu (126th)
2009 11th Cedric Lin (49th), Karlming Chen (147th), Joel Fox (197th)
2008 19th Cedric Lin (13th), Farzin Barekat (47th), Stanley Xiao (115th)
2007 15th Cedric Lin (45th), Joel Fox (205th)
2006 11th* Cedric Lin (17th)
2005 13th Nima Kamoosi (57th), Dustin Tseng (90th)
2004 13th Daniel Brox (41st), Dustin Tseng (53rd), Balin Fleming (142nd)
2003 10th* Daniel Brox (29th), Eva Koo (106th), Dustin Tseng (117th)
2002 14th Daniel Brox (48th), Wayne Grey (104th)
2001 15th Miranda Holmes (130th), Max Metliski (130th), Daniel Brox (143rd)
2000 15th Wayne Grey (140th), Jesse Goodman (156th)
1999 10th* Joel Erickson (13th), Jesse Goodman (23rd), Scott MacLachlan (120th)
1998 28th Lawrence Tang (69th), Jesse Goodman (173rd), O-Yeat Chan (196th)
1997 20th Ho Sen Yung (136th), Joel Erickson (161st)
1996 19th Lawrence Tang (55th), Chun Fung Man (154th)
1995   8th* David Savitt (13th), Erich Mueller (98th)
1994 41st David Savitt (10th), Mark Van Raamsdonk (30th), Robert Cheng (51st), Mark Hamilton (193rd)
1993 12th David Savitt (12th), Mark Van Raamsdonk (32nd), Erich Mueller (155th)
1992   6th* Mark Van Raamsdonk (28th), David Savitt (74th), Malik Kalfane (102nd), David New (121st)
1991   9th* Mark Van Raamsdonk (54th), Rob Deary (88th), Malik Kalfane (188th)
1990 24th Greg Wellman (88th), Timothy Chan (113th), Rob Deary (157th)
1989 16th Wayne Broughton and Greg Wellman (60th), David New (111th), Chris Williams (131st)
1988 30th Wayne Broughton (57th)
Team Honourable Mention
Year UBC team members
2012 Karlming Chen, Ruiyuan Chen, Eric Naslund
2011 Karlming Chen, Ruiyuan Chen, Aram Ebtekar
2010 Mohammad Bavarian, Karlming Chen, Ruiyuan Chen
2006 Farzin Barekat, Cedric Lin, Samuel Wong
2003 Daniel Brox, Nina Kamoosi, Max Metlitski
1999 Joel Erickson, Jesse Goodman, Ho Sen Yung
1995 Mark Hamilton, Erich Mueller, David Savitt
1992 Malik Kalfane, David Savitt, Mark Van Raamsdonk
1991 Rob Deary, Malik Kalfane, Mark Van Raamsdonk
Individual and Team Ranking (before 1988) - Incomplete
Year Rank Students
1974 5th John Spouge (14th), Bruce Neilson (46th), Henry King (78th)
1973 2nd John Spouge (7th), Bruce Neilson (72nd), Mark Latham (?) (see photo below)
1972 (?) Mark Latham (36th)
1950 (?) Z. Alexander Melzak (Putnam Fellow)

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The MAA maintains a list of top-five individuals and teams throughout the Putnam's history. Joseph Gallian has written a comprehensive article with lots of statistics about Putnam winners, teams, and scoring.

UBC's 1973 Putnam team and their 2nd place award. From left to right: Mark Latham, John Spouge, and Bruce Neilson.