Outreach Programs

Math outreach programs play a crucial role in fostering interest and proficiency in mathematics among students of all ages. Throughout the year, a number of UBC Mathematics faculty members run outreach programs aimed at both elementary school children and high school students. These programs aim to make math engaging and accessible through interactive workshops, puzzles, and real-world applications. They not only enhance mathematical literacy but also cultivate a deeper appreciation for the subject, encouraging participants to see math not just as a school requirement but as a tool for understanding the world around them. Through outreach efforts, educators and volunteers contribute to building a future where math is embraced as a vital and empowering discipline.

math mania

Math Mania is a popular alternative math education event sponsored by the University of British Columbia. Held several times a year, Math Mania welcomes all age levels, but is particularly suited to students in grades 2 to 5. Math Mania is free and open to the public and all students, parents and teachers in the host school, as well as those involved in home schooling, are encouraged to attend. Events usually attract more than two hundred participants.


math circles

Math Circle is an enrichment program for students in grades 5 to 7. Organized by the faculty members of the Department of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia, the goal of these workshops is to convey to students the importance of mathematics in the real world as well as how much fun mathematics can be.

archimedes talks

Archimedes Talks is a speaker series aimed at talented high school students in Vancouver interested in mathematics and engineering. Our goal is to provide promising students with opportunities to explore different aspects of math and applied science in an engaging environment.