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MATH 110 Exams and Tests

Updated: 2017 08 09

All tests in this course are closed book exams (no notes, formula sheets, or books). No calculators or other electronic devices, including cell phones, are allowed during the exam. Bring a watch in case there is no clock in the classroom.

Detailed information about exams and midterm tests will be posted here closer to the exam date.

Midterm Test 1

Date: Tuesday Oct 24, 2017.

Time: The test starts at 6PM. Arrive early! There will be no extra time allowances for late arrival.

Duration: 90 mimutes.

Location: The midterm exam will take place in the following classrooms:

Learning Goals

A list of learning goals for the exam is available here (the parts that are greyed out will not be tested on the exam).


Midterm 1 covers material from Week 1 to Week 7, as per the course outline posted here. This corresponds to the material in the following sections of the textbook:

Practice Problems

In addition to reviewing questions on WeBWorK, your in-class quizzes and the written assignments, here is a list of suggested problems from the textbook for you to practise.

Past Midterm exams

Here some old midterm exams. Be aware that these exams do not cover the same topics as this year's exam.

2013 October Midterm Test (ignore questions 1, 6(c))

2014 October Midterm Test (this exam tested only up to Section 2.0)

2015 October Midterm Test (this exam tested exponential functions and conditions for differentiability, which are not included in this year's exam)

Other Information

Missed Midterm Tests: Allowance for a missed midterm test may be granted in the following two circumstances: (a) prior notice of a valid, documented absence (e.g. out-of-town varsity athletic commitment) on the scheduled date; or (b) notification to the instructor within 72 hours of absence due to medical condition. Otherwise the score is 0. Original written documentation (for example a doctor’s note or letter from a coach) is required.

Students with a scheduling conflict are allowed to write the test on an alternate date. Please contact your instructor for details about the alternate test.

Cheating: UBC takes cheating incidents very seriously. After due investigation, students found guilty of cheating on tests and exams are usually given a final grade of 0 in the course, suspended from UBC for one year, and a notation made on their Transcript of Academic Record. More information.