MATH 110 — Differential Calculus

Session 2014W, September 2014 -- April 2015

MATH 110 is a two-term course in differential calculus. It covers the same calculus content as one-term differential calculus courses, but with additional material designed to strengthen essential precalculus topics. There is also an increased emphasis on problem solving.



Term 2: Term 1:


Missed Work or Tests: If a test is missed for a documented medical or other reason, it will be ignored. Permission to write a makeup midterm may be granted in the following two circumstances: (a) a scheduling conflict with other courses or labs, (b) prior notice of a valid, documented absence (e.g. out-of-town varsity athletic commitment accompanied by a letter from a coach) on the scheduled date; or (c) notification to the instructor within 72 hours of absence due to medical condition. Original written documentation, for example a doctor’s note, is required; otherwise, a score of 0 will be given for the missed test.


Math instructors do not have the authority to sign forms to change course registration. The Mathematics Department handles all requests for registration changes centrally. See for information on how to change your MATH course registration.