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Science One — Mathematics

September 2018 — April 2019


Welcome to Science One Mathematics!

Science One Math covers all material of a first year differential and integral calculus sequence (MATH 100 and MATH 101) with some additional topics. After finishing Science One, you can take any course with MATH 100 or MATH 101 as a prerequisite. You are also eligible to join the Honours program.

There are two main differences between Science One and the standard calculus sequence. The first is the emphasis in Science One on applications to other fields of sciences. For this reason we spend a considerable amount of time on differential equations, which are not usually covered in first year calculus. The second difference is in the use of rigorous definitions and proofs. Proof-type problems are especially common in the written homework assignments.




  • Stephen Gustafson
    • office: MATH 115 and IBLC 363
    • office hours (in IBLC 363): Mondays, Wednesdays 1-2pm.

  • Costanza Piccolo
    • office: MATH 229D and IBLC 363
    • office hours (in IBLC 363): Tuesdays, Thursdays 1-2pm.