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Science One Mathematics

Course Outline


Science One Mathematics is a two-term course in Differential and Integral Calculus, with an introduction to Differential Equations. The main topics covered in term 1 are Limits and Derivatives of elementary functions with applications (rates of change, optimization, graphing, approximations) and Differential Equations (ODEs). The main topics covered in term 2 are the Definite Integral and techniques of integration, modelling with first-order linear and separable ODEs, Infinite Series. For a detailed schedule and list of topics, go to the Content page above.


There are four main components to the course:

  • Lectures: Attending classes is an essential part of learning Mathematics. The majority of class time is devoted to lectures, but there are also plenty of opportunities for class discussions, problem solving, clicker questions and worksheet exercises. It is highly recommended students read the relevant section in the textbook before coming to class.
  • Assignments: There are weekly online assignments on WeBWorK, and roughly biweekly written assignments to be handed in. Homework assignments account for 15% of your final grade. The assignment with the lowest score will be dropped in each term.
  • Tutorials: There are 5-6 tutorials per term, where students can practise techniques discussed in class, learn about new math ideas, and review for the exams.
  • Exams: In term 1 there is a short (20-30 minutes long) quiz and three 45-minute long tests, in term 2 there will be a similar set of assessments but the details will be posted closer to January. At the end of each term there is a 150-minute long final exam. Each term is worth 50% of your final Math grade, with each final exam being worth 25% of your final Math grade. The remaining 25% of your Math grade is distributed between homework (7.5%) and tests (17.5%). Final exams are cumulative, but the term 2 exams will focus primarily on term 2 material.

The recommended textbook is a free, online set of notes written by a group of Mathematics professors at UBC. The textbook can be downloaded from the Resources page.

For a detailed list of topics covered in the course, go to the Content page.


Course Policies

  • Grade summary: A student's Math final grade is based on homework assignments (20%), quiz (5%), midterm tests (25% total), the final exams (25% each).
  • No calculators or electronic communication devices are allowed at during exams and quizzes. Formula sheets are also not allowed.