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Science One Mathematics

Resources for studying



The recommended textbook is a free, online set of notes developed by a group of Mathematics professors at UBC. The Notes contain the theory and examples, the problem problems has collections of practice problems, some with hints and solutions. Follow the links below to download the materials. The term 2 notes and problem books are still under development so please be forgiving of typos (read here in case you spot a mistake).


Other notes and books


Where to get help

  • Piazza: Piazza is an online discussion board where students can post questions and answers about any thing related to the course.
  • Math Learning Centre: Tutors are available, at no charge, to answer questions on a drop-in basis, starting the second week of classes. Term 1 Schedule will be posted soon at the link above.

Notes from class

Slides and other notes from class will be posted here.

Term 2 Term 1