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Science One Mathematics

Homework Assignments


Homework includes weekly online assignments on WeBWorK. In addition, on some weeks there will be a written assignment that require full solutions to be handed in. Written assignments are posted below.



Getting started with WeBWorK

  • Go to the WeBWorK page.
  • Find your course SCIE001_XXX and log in using your CWL.
  • Once you log in, you can see a list of problem sets that are open. Make sure you check the due date.
  • After you click on a problem set, you will see the list of problems in the set. Click on the number to do a problem.
  • You can do problems in any order. You can try most problems as many times as you wish (some problems allow a limited number of attempts).
  • To the right of the problems you can see hints on how to type in an answer. Hit "preview answers" to see if it looks right.
  • There is a link to "Download a hard copy of this homework set" if you wish to get a pdf file of the problems that you can print out.

Written Assignments

Assignments will be posted here. Term 2

Term 1