Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems

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Team Members

Last updated: Nov 1, 2007

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Core Investigators

  • Dan Coombs (Mathematics, UBC)
    Theoretical immunology, infectioous disease dynamics within and between hosts, helical filament dynamics

  • Eric Cytrynbaum (Mathematics, UBC)
    Cell division, Microtubule-centrosome dynamics, MinD polymerization dynamics in bacterial cell division, cardiac dynamics

  • Eirikur Palsson (Biology, SFU)
    Developmental biology, chemotaxis, self-organization.

  • Diane Finegood (Kinesiology, SFU)
    Normal and pathological regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, Type I (juvenile onset) and Type II (adult onset) diabetes mellitus, the role of -cell mass and cell death dynamics in development of diabetes and the link to the initiation of Type I diabetes.

  • Michael C. Mackey (Physiology, McGill University)
    Mathematical biology, models of biological, and physical systems with delay- differential or functional differential equations, hematological dynamics in cyclical neutropenia, periodic chronic myelogenous leukemia, dynamic behaviour of yeast in continuous culture.

  • Athanasius (Stan) FM Maree (Theoretical Biology, Utrecht, Holland)
    Autoimmune diabetes, actin dynamics in cell motility, morphogenesis, computational biology.

  • James Piret (Biotech Lab & Chemical and Bio-Resource Engineering, UBC)
    Mammalian cell culture for biotechnology and biomedical applications, optimization of protein production and stem cell culture processes, complex cytokine effects on rates of self-renewal, differentiation and apoptosis of stem cells, experimental and mathematical modeling investigations of the hydrodynamic and mass transport phenomena.


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