Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems

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Last updated: Nov 1, 2007

NOTE: Post-doctoral fellows are listed on our Team Members page.

  • James Bailey, (MSc. student, UBC), jbailey
  • Alexandra Jilkine, (PhD. student UBC), jilkine
  • Omer Dushek, (PhD student, UBC), odushek
  • Patrick Fletcher (MSc student, UBC), fletcher

  • Raluca Apostu, (Former MSc. student, Now PhD. student, McGill), apostu (at) math (dot) mcgill(dot) ca,
  • Jun Allard (PhD. student, UBC), jun

  • Jennifer Hubbarde (PhD. student, UBC), jhubbarde

  • Catherine Foley (PhD student, McGill), foley (at) math (dot) mcgill (dot) ca

  • Steven Wei Ho (Recent BSc, UBC), hewisteven (at) gmail (dot) com

[Note: the domain should be used for the UBC students and for the SFU students in the above no-span email address abbreviations]


  • Kevin Davis, (Former MSc student, McGill), Now at: teaching at John Abbot CEGEP, Montreal
  • Clive Glover, (Former PhD student, Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC), Now at: StemCell technologies (clive (at) stemcell (dot) com)
  • Mitsuhiro Komba, (Former MSc student, SFU), Now at: seeking job.
  • Colleen Ball, (Former MSc. student, UBC). Now at: Technical Systems Testing, Test Engineer/Consultant, Vancouver, BC (ball_colleen (at) hotmail(dot) com

  • Adriana Dawes, (former PhD student) Now at: PDF, Center for Cell Dynamics, U Washington, Friday Harbour Labs.
  • Caroline Colijn, Dept of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health

  • Laura Atkinson, Former PDF, Kinesiology, SFU (Maternity)

  • Arshad Chaudhry, Former PhD student, Chemical and Biological Engineering, UBC. Now at: PDF Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC (chaudrhry (at) chml (dot) ubc (dot) ca
  • Carol Shao-shan Huang, (former USRA student with Keshet, UBC)
    Now at: PhD student, MIT, Ernest Fraenkel Lab, (Computational and Systems Biology) Boston, Mass (shhuang (at) mit (dot) edu)

  • Richard Kublik, (former MSc. student with Keshet)
    Now at: PhD student, Northwestern U

  • Michael Marin, (formerly M.Sc. Statistics, with Bryan and Piret)
    Now at: Statistics sessional instructor and consultant, UBC, Vancouver (mmarin (at) stat (dot) ubc (dot) ca

  • Eunha Alicia Shim, (formerly MSc. student, UBC)
    Then at: PhD student at Arizona State Univ. Now at: PDF at Yale University
  • Amy Norris MSc UBC Math 2002, Was at: Biostatistician, Genome Quebec (McGill University) and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre.

  • Cheryl Dyck:(formerly MacDonald, MSc with Finegood at SFU)
    then at: Research manager, Dept of Kinesiology, SFU, BC.
    Currently: maternity leave

  • Marek Labecki: (former PDF with Keshet at UBC)
    now at: Sys Admin & research administrator, Inst of Applied Mathematics, UBC

  • Laurent Pujo-Menjouet: (former PDF with MacKey at McGill)
    now at:faculty member, Institut Camille Jordan, Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France

  • Athanasius (Stan) FM Maree (former PDF with Keshet at UBC)
    now at: research scientist at Dept of Theoretical Biology, Utrecht, Holland

  • Brian Topp, PhD, Kinesiology, SFU (pending),
    now at: Entelos Inc.
  • Stefan Reinker , PhD UBC Math and Pharmacol & Therapeutics, 2004; Now at: researcher at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, (Genome and Proteome Sciences/Systems Biology.(stefan(dot)reinker(at)novartis(dot)com

  • Taneia Wong (former USRA student with Leah Keshet); Now at: Mathematics teacher, Highschools in Vancouver BC.

  • Magdalena Luca, PhD UBC Math 2002, Now at: Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Massachussets College for Pharmacy and Health Sci, Boston

  • Alexandra Chavez Ross: (former PDF with Keshet & Miura)
    Now at: San Diego CA, USA

  • Athan Spiros, PDF UBC Math 1999-2001, Now at: Chief Technol Officer, In Silico Biosci.

  • Israeli Ran, Now at: PDF, U Montreal (israeli(dot)ran(at)umontreal(dot)ca

  • Jennifer Enns-Ruttan (short term PDF with Miura at UBC)
    Now at: raising family

  • Xue Wue Zhang (former PDF with Piret, Li at UBC)
    now at: HKU-Pasteur Research Center, Hong-Kong