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Last updated: Nov 1, 2007

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Publications from 2006-2007

Articles Published/Accepted in Refereed Publications

Atkinson LL, Benkoczi C, Finegood DT, McDonald-Dyck C (2007)Effect of Chronic Rosiglitazone, Metformin and Glyburide Treatment on Beta-Cell Function and Insulin Sensitivity in ZDF Rats. Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism (In press)

Ball CL, Gilchrist MA, Coombs D (2007) Modeling within-host evolution of HIV: Mutation, competition and strain replacement. Bull Math Biol, doi:10.1007/s11538-0 07-9223-z

Bernard S, Cajavek B, Pujo-Menjouet L, Mackey MC, Herzel H (2006) Modeling transcriptional feedback loops: The role of Gro/TLE1 in Hes1 oscillations, Proc Roy Soc Lond 364:1155-1170.

Colijn C, Fowler AC, Mackey MC (2006) High frequency spikes in long period blood cell oscillations. J Math Biol 53:499-519.

Colijn C, Fowler AC, Mackey MC (2007) G-CSF treatment of canine cyclical neutropenia: A comprehensive mathematical model. Exper Hematol 35:898-907.

Colijn C, Mackey MC (2007) Bifurcation and bistability in a model of hematopoietic regulation. SIAM J App Dynam Sys 6:378-394.

Colijn C, Dale DC, Foley C, Mackey MC (2007) Observations on the Pathophysiology and mechanisms for Cyclic Neutropenia. Math Model Natur Phenomena (in press).

Coombs D, Gilchrist MA, Ball CL (2007) Resolving the importance of within- and between-host selection pressures on pathogen evolution. J Theor Biol, doi:10.1016 /j.tpb.2007.08.005

Cytrynbaum EN, Marshall B (2007) A Polymer Model Explains MinDE Dynamics in E. coli Cell Division. Biophys J, 93:1134-1150.

Dawes AT, Edelstein-Keshet L (2007) Phosphoinositides and Rho proteins spatially regulate actin polymerization to initiate and maintain directed movement in a 1D model of a motile cell, Biophys J. 92:1-25.

Drobnjak I, Fowler AC, Mackey MC (2006) Oscillations in a maturation model of blood cell production. SIAM J Appl Math 66:2027-2048.

Dushek O, Coombs D (2007) Improving parameter estimation for cell surface FRAP d ata. J Biochem Biophys Meth, doi:10.1016/j.jbbm.2007.07.002

Dushek O, Coombs D (2006) Analysis of serial engagement and peptide-MHC transport in T cell receptor microclusters. Accepted (minor rev.).

Glover CH, Marin M, Eaves CJ, Helgason CD, Piret JM, Bryan J (2006) meta-analysis of mouse embryonic stem cell gene expression kinetics reveals consistent early change of a small gene set under differentiating conditions, PLoS Computational Biology, 2(11) e158.

Jilkine A, Maree AF, Edelstein-Keshet L (2007) Mathematical model for spatial segregation of the rho-family GTPases based on inhibitory crosstalk. Bull Math Biol. 69(6):1943-78.

Konorov, SO, Glover CH, Piret JM, Bryan J, Schulze HG, Blades MW, Turner RFB (2007) In Situ Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Microscopy of Living Embryonic Stem Cells, Analytical Chemistry, in press.

Lei J, Mackey MC (2007) Stochastic differential delay equation, moment stability, and application to hematopoietic stem cell regulation system. SIAM J App Math 67:387-407.

Lu M, Glover CH, Humphries RK, Piret JM and Helgason CD (2007) Involvement of tyrosine kinase signaling in maintaining murine embryonic stem cell functionality, Experimental Hematology, in press.

Mackey MC (2007) Adventures in Poland: Having fun and doing research with Andrzej Lasota. Matematyka Stosowana 8:5-32.

Mahaffy JM, Edelstein-Keshet L (2006) Modeling cyclic waves of circulating T-cells in autoimmune diabetes, SIAM J Appl Math 67 (4): 915-937.

Maree AFM, Komba M, Finegood DT, Edelstein-Keshet L (2007) A Quantitative Comparison of Rates of Phagocytosis and Digestion of Apoptotic Cells by Macrophages from Normal (Balb/C) and Diabetes-prone (NOD) Mice. Journal of Applied Physiology, accepted.

Mori Y, Peskin CS (2007) Implicit Immersed Boundary Methods with Boundary Mass. Comp Meth Appl Mech Eng, accepted.

Mori Y (2007) Convergence Proof of the Velocity Field of a Stokes Flow Immersed Boundary Method. Comm Pure Appl Math, accepted.

Rodriguez-Gonzalez JG, Santillan M, Fowler AC, Mackey MC (2007) The segmentation clock in chick and mice: Interaction with a Wnt3a gradient. J Theor Biol (in press).

Santillan M, Mackey MC, Zeron ES (2007) Origin of bistability in the lac operon. Biophy J 92:3830-3842.

Topp BG, Atkinson LL, Finegood, DT (2007) The Dynamics of Insulin Sensitivity, Beta-Cell Function, and Beta-Cell Mass During the Development of Diabetes in fa/fa Rats. Am J Physiol: Endocrinology & Metabolism (In press).

Other published refereed contributions

Finegood DT, Komba M, Atkinson L(2007) Apoptosis, phagocytosis and beta-cell directed Autoimmunity. (Commentary on article [Neonatal beta-cell apoptosis: A trigger for autoimmune diabetes??]) Commentaries on Perspectives in Diabetes, Vol 3.

Published non-refereed contributions:


Raluca Apostu (MSc McGill, 2007) Understanding cyclical thrombocytopenia: A mathematical modeling approach. (Supervisor: M Mackey)

Kevin Davis (PhD McGill 2007) An analysis of models of the tryptophan operon (Supervisor: M Mackey)

Clive Glover (PhD UBC 2007) Genetics Ph.D. thesis: New Approaches to the Optimized Maintenance of Embryonic Stem Cells in Culture (Supervisor: Jamie Piret)

Ozge Karanfil(MSc. McGill 2007) A mathematical model of steady state B lymphopoiesis in mouse and rat bone marrow (Supervisor: M Mackey)

Mitsu Komba (MSc SFU 2007) Extracellular release of high mobility group box1 protein from necrotic beta-cells in pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes mellitus. (Supervisor: Diane Finegood)

Conference Proceedings:

Coombs D, Ball CL, Gilchrist MA (2007) Competition among viruses at the within- and between-host scales. (Conference proceedings, Nonlinear Theory and Applications 2007, Vancouver).

Articles Submitted to Refereed Publications

Das R, Nachbar RB, Salzman JS, Bagchi A, Bailey J, Edelstein-Keshet L, Coombs D, Cook J, Hargreaves R, Simon A (2007) Modeling the effect of gamma-secretase on amyloid-beta dynamics revelas significant role of an amyloid clearance mechanism, imminent submission.

Dushek O, Bailey J, Coombs D (2007) Predicting the effects of dual T cell receptor T cells on autoimmunity and the immune repertoire. Submitted.

Dushek O, Das R, Coombs D (2007) Analysis of membrane-localized binding kinetics with FRAP. Submitted.

Khadra A, Li YX (2006) Robust synchrony and rhythmogenesis in endocrine neurons via autocrine regulations in vitro and in vivo. Submitted.

Khadra A, Li YX (2007) Theoretical analysis of neuronal synchrony driven by common pool of extracellular hormone, submitted to Physica D.

Mori Y (2006) A Three Dimensional Model of Cellular Electrical Activity: An Asymptotic Study. Submitted

Mori Y, Peskin CS (2007) A Numerical Method of Celllular Electrophysiology based on the Electrodiffusion Equations with Internal Boundary Conditions at Membranes. Submitted

Mori Y, Peskin CS (2007) On the Representation of a General Incompressible Linearly Elastic Material as a Fiber-Reinforced Fluid. Submitted

Mori Y, Fishman GI, Peskin CS (2007) Ephaptic Conduction in a Three-Dimensional Model of the Intercalated Disc. Submitted

Mori Y, Jilkine A, Edelstein-Keshet L (2007) Wave-pinning and cell polarity from a bistable reaction-diffusion system, submitted

In preparation:

Borowski P, Cytrynbaum EN (2007) MinD phenotypes in filamentous mutants.

Chaudhry MAS, Bowen BD, Eaves CJ, Piret JM Medium pH and osmolality influence the proliferation and differentiation responses of murine embryonic stem cells, to be submitted to Biotechnology Progress, 90% complete.

Chaudhry MAS, O'Connor M, Bowen BD, Eaves CJ, Piret JM, Basal medium and serum substitutes influence the proliferation and differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells, to be submitted to Cytotechnology, 90% complete

Cytrynbaum EN, Lewis TJ (2007)Global bifurcations and the appearance of a one-dimensional spiral-wave in excitable media.

Mori Y (2007) Convergence of the Immersed Boundary Method and the Even-Odd Condition.