Daniel Coombs

Professor and Graduate Advisor, Mathematics

How to contact me:

Department of Mathematics,
1984 Mathematics Road,
University of British Columbia,
Vancouver V6T 1Z2, Canada.
Tel: 604/822-2859
Fax: 604/822-6074
E-mail: coombs(at)math(dot)ubc(dot)ca

What I do

  • research
  • teaching
  • math graduate advisor

    I am always interested to hear from excellent undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working on research projects.

    UBC Math Biology group.

    Publications list

    Local coworkers and trainees

  • Links

  • Los Alamos cell signaling team
  • Other useful links
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  • PIMS CRG Meeting on disease dynamics 2008.
  • PIMS CRG Meeting on disease dynamics 2006.
  • q-bio (Canadian quantitative biology)

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