Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems

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Last updated: Nov 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 - November 1, 2008.

  • Type 1 Diabetes (Keshet, others):
    • Submission of new macrophage data analysis paper (by late 2007)
    • Submission of paper about T-cell based therapy (with Khadra) by mid 2008
    • Submission of IGRP-processing paper (with Khadra) by mid 2008
  • Type 2 Diabetes (Bailey, Das, Verchere, Coombs, Keshet)
    • Internship on Islet Amyloid Poly-Peptide (Bailey, completed August 2007)
    • Publication of diabetes amyloid fibrillization paper (Bailey, by mid 2008)
  • Alzheimer's Disease (Das, Bailey, Coombs, Keshet, Merck scientists)
    • Preparation of publication on current work with Merck (completed, 2007)
    • Identification of new project aspects (by early 2008).
  • Blood Diseases (Mackey, others):
    • Continue to investigate the origin of cyclical thrombocytopenia (through Nov 2007)
    • Design more rational treatment of cyclical neutropenia (by Sept 2007)
    • Continue to investigate regulatory circuits and operons (ongoing through Nov 2008)
    • Gain expertise appropriate for understanding the more complicated regulation of apoptosis (ongoing through Nov 2008)
  • Basic Immunology and Infectious Disease Modelling: (Coombs, others)
    • Monte-Carlo analysis of the effect of the T cell receptor microclusters and cell cytoskeleton on T cell repolarization (Dushek, completed 2007)
    • Application of new single particle tracking software to real data (Das, others, by January, 2008)
    • Realistic models for in-vitro virus competition experiments (Hubbarde, others, by August 2008)
  • Cytoskeleton (Cytrynbaum, others):
    • Carry out experiments to testing specific predictions of the Min model (Peter Borowski) by late 2008
    • Develop and computationally implement model with Geoff Wasteneys (botany) to understand observed MT organization during plant growth (Jun Allard) by late 2008