Math 317, Section 101


The following applies to all exams in Math 317:
No aids of any kind: no calculators, no notes, no books.
No cell phones, no ipods, no electronic devices of any kind.

If you miss one of the midterm exams for medical reasons, you need to
promptly inform the instructor, and provide a physician's note
specifically stating that you were medically unfit to write the missed
exam on that day. No make-up exams will be given.

Midterm Exam I.   Wednesday, October 2.

The exam will cover all the material from Section 14 of the textbook, Edition 6
(except Kepler's laws). This is Section 13 in Edition 7.

Here is a practice midterm. And here are solutions.

The actual exam with solutions.
The class average was 13.5/21.

The first picture below shows the two surfaces in Problem 1 and their
intersection. The second picture shows the intersection curve (red)
and its projection into the xy-plane (blue). The last picture shows
everything in one image.

Midterm Exam II.   Wednesday, October 30.

The exam will cover all material from Sections 1 through 5 of Chapter
16 of the textbook, seventh edition (Section 17 in the sixth edition).

Here is a practice midterm. And here are solutions.

Note that 4(d) and (f) from the practice miterm are beyond the
syllabus for 2013, and you are not expected to know how to solve these.

The actual exam and solutions.
The class average was 18.3/25.

Final Exam.   Wednesday, December 11, 19:00-21:30. MATH 100 .

The exam will be 150 minutes in length.

The exam will cover all material of the course equally. In addition to
the material covered in the two midterms detailed above, the final
exam will cover Sections 6 through 9 in the chapter on Vector Calculus.

At the sectret web location which contains homework solutions, you can
also find solutions to all the even numbered review problems from the
section on Vector Calculus. These problems are all recommended for

Hopefully you will be able to purchase the exam package from the math
club, although their web site has no mention of this. Just in case,
here is the final exam from last year. Sorry, there are no written

Please do not walk across campus alone at this time. If none of your
classmates are able to walk you to the bus, your car, or to your
residence, please call AMS Safewalk (604 822 5355) or Campus Security
(604-822-2222). Of course, in an emergency, you should call 911.