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Announcements for Sections 103 and 104

Announcements for Sections 103 and 104

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Notes by Dr. Keshet, available on-line here. A paper copy will be available at Copiesmart, 5728 University Boulevard.


Past Final Exams

Sample Midterms with solutions

Homework Assignments

All numbers refer to problems that can be found in .pdf format on the Homework Problems Collection web page. A paper copy is also available at Copiesmart.

Print (clearly) your full name, student number and "Math 102 Section ..." (103 or 104) at the top right of the first page. If you write your surname before your given name, underline the surname.

Show your work.

Staple your pages together. The grader may decide to deduct a mark if you don't do this. I never bring a stapler to class, but there are some available nearby: try the Math Club, the Math Department office or my office.

Solutions will be made available shortly after the due dates for the last questions from each chapter.

Depending on your browser's settings, you may be looking at a cached copy of this web page rather than the latest version. That may mean that you don't see an assignment or solution file as available when it has recently been made available. To make sure you have the latest version, press the Reload button.


Formulas on Exam

Some formulas and values of trig functions will be given on the exams: they can be seen here.

Drop-in Tutorials

Important dates

Grading and other policies