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 Basic Skills Test (BST)
The Mathematics Department is discontinuing the Basic Skills Test and it will not be offered for 2019W. Students who have passed PREC 12 with a grade below 65% should contact the Undergraduate Chair for advice.

The UBC Mathematics Basic Skills Test (BST) is designed to assess the calculus readiness of students whose pre-calculus 12 grade indicates they are not ready to take a university-level differential calculus course. Note that students without a pre-calculus 12 course cannot take any UBC calculus course until they have completed a pre-calculus 12 course with a satisfactory grade. If you have not taken or passed a pre-calculus 12 course, you may not write the BST. You should look at the First-Year Calculus Choices page on this site to see the pre-requisites for our calculus courses. 

If you meet the pre-requisites for MATH 100/180, 102, 104, 184, or MATH 110 already, you do not need to take the BST and you may register directly for any of the MATH courses for which you are qualified. Please note that these pre-requisites will be enforced, so only register for a MATH course if you are already qualified for it.
You only need to take the BST if: 

(1) You have a passing grade in pre-calculus 12 below 65% and you wish to take MATH 110; or

(2) You are qualified only to take MATH 110 and you would like to attempt to qualify to take a one-term calculus course (MATH 100/180, 102, 104, or 184).

The syllabus for the test includes the key high school math skills with algebra, functions, trigonometry, and geometry that students need to have mastered to be successful in MATH 100/180, 102, 104, 184, or MATH 110.

If you wish to register for the BST, please go to the BST Signup link on the left of this webpage. The next sitting of the BST will be taking place on April 29, 2019, at 4:00 pm, in the Leonard S. Klink Building, Room 310. We will hold subsequent sittings in late August and early September for those wishing to qualify to take a Math course in September of 2019. Times will be determined in May for the August and September sittings; check the BST signup for details at that time. Once registration opens, register for one sitting; you may only write the test once. Please note that the use of a calculator is not permitted when writing this exam. All BST sittings will take place in Room 310 of the Leonard S. Klinck Building at UBC; 6356 Agricultural Road.

The Basic Skills Test is based on the Calculus Readiness Test at Simon Fraser University and the BST has been shown to be a strong predictor of a student's success in a UBC calculus course. The test is scored out of 30. A score of 15 or better is considered a satisfactory score to move from MATH 110 to a one-term calculus course. If you take the BST in order to qualify for MATH 110 and do not achieve a score of at least 11, you will need to take and pass the non-credit MATH 002 or an equivalent pre-calculus course before you would be allowed to register in MATH 110. If you have not taken PREC 12, you may not write the BST; you need to have taken PREC 12 or an equivalent course to be eligible to write this test.

You can find a practice test here.