An organizational meeting for the 2014 Putnam practice sessions will be held on Tuesday, September 16 from 12:30–1:30 PM in room 201 of the Geography building (GEOG). Anyone who is even potentially interested in the Putnam contest, or wants to find out more, is welcome to attend.

If you are considering taking the Putnam exam or attending the practice sessions, please register online if you haven't already. Students who have registered in previous years should log in at that link again, using the email address and password they used before, and update their yes/maybe/no decision to take the Putnam this year. (All students are welcome to log in and update their yes/maybe/no decisions at any time.)

For the Putnam practice session on Tuesday, September 23, work on problems A1, A2, B1, and B2 from last year's Putnam exam. Students will present their solutions to these problems in this practice session.

The Putnam practice sessions are held every Tuesday from 12:30-2:00 PM in room 201 of the Geography building (GEOG). The faculty advisor is Greg Martin. The UBC math department provides pizza and pop for all practice sessions (starting on September 23). The math department's Putnam FAQ has more information, as does the official Putnam web site.

UBC will be having tryouts and training sessions for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest on September 20 and September 27. You can find more information on their web site.

The 2013 Putnam examination was given on Saturday, December 7, 2013; UBC had 20 students participate, even on a day when final exams were being given.

  • Two UBC students, Farzad Fallahi and Ursula Anne Lim, placed in the top 200 participants.
  • Overall, UBC had six students place in the top 20% of all competitors, with another eight students scoring at least 10 (on an exam where the median was 1!).
  • UBC's team placed 32nd among the 430 universities and colleges having Putnam teams.

Congratulations to all of our competitors!