Introduction to Linear Programming
UBC Math 340, Summer 2013 — Philip D. Loewen
Tuesday-Friday 14:00-16:00, room LSK 201
(early dismissal Wednesdays)

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Code Due Details Last Change
RR   Final Examination
Here are the final exam question sheet (lightly edited) and the detailed solutions (updated 11 July 2013).
11 Jul 2013
RR   “Assignment 7”—Practice Problems
Here are some practice problems involving matrix games.
Posted late on Tuesday 25 June: detailed solutions.
25 Jun 2013
HW 20 Jun 2013
[see text]
Assignment 6
The last homework of the course is focussed on sensitivity analysis, duality, and the RSM. All the ideas involved have already been covered in class, so it's safe to start work immediately.
About the Deadline: It would be ideal to hand in the work during the last class of the term, on Thursday 20 June, but everybody who needs an extension may submit without penalty any time before 14:00 on Friday 21 June.
Posted after the deadline: detailed solutions.
21 Jun 2013
RR 13 Jun 2013
The Revised Simplex Method
Here are the highlights of today's lecture on the Revised Simplex Method. A detailed one-page recipe is on page 3, and all the details of the example we started are worked out on pages 4ff.
13 Jun 2013
RR 12 Jun 2013
Midterm 2
Here are the updated solutions for Midterm Two. (These replaced the draft on Sunday 23 June 2013. Only one item was changed, namely, the solution for Question 3.)
23 Jun 2013
HW 14 Jun 2013
Assignment 5
Here are seven questions for next Friday. Duality and the Dual Simplex Method figure prominently here.
Posted after the deadline: detailed solutions.
14 Jun 2013
RR 10 Jun 2013
Midterm 1
Here are the detailed solutions for Midterm One.
10 Jun 2013
HW 7 Jun 2013
Assignment 4
Here are eight questions about duality. The first one is meant to build your intuition. Attack it graphically, without involving the Simplex Method or anything else we have developed in class. The goal is to produce some pictures that illustrate what our general approaches are revealing.
Posted after the deadline: detailed solutions. (Updated 10 Jun 2013.)
07 Jun 2013
HW 31 May 2013
Assignment 3
Here are seven entertaining problems (PDF) involving everything from pure theory to roadway and relationship maintenance. The material in problems 1–3 is worth practicing before the midterm test scheduled for Tuesday 28 May 2013.
Added after the submission deadline: detailed solutions.
24 May 2013
RR Notes on the Simplex Method
Here is a reference copy of our classroom note on the primal simplex method, with handy section headings and equations numbers.
24 May 2013
HW 24 May 2013
Assignment 2
This week's homework has seven questions about the simplex method (PDF).
Added after the submission deadline: detailed solutions.
17 May 2013
HW 17 May 2013
Assignment 1
This week's homework has five questions about linear systems and their dictionaries (PDF).
Added after the submission deadline: detailed solutions.
17 May 2013
RR   Past Final Exams
The overall curriculum and level of expectations for our course are supposed to match well with the historical characteristics of MATH 340. Here are some recent final exams given by other instructors. Thanks to Professors Anstee and Rechnitzer for sharing. Prepared solutions for these tests are not available. Your instructor is happy to work on these questions together if you get stuck.
07 May 2013
RR Web-Powered Simplex Pivoter:
Most web browsers use Javascript, which is powerful enough to execute the Simplex Method on classroom-sized examples. Stefan Waner of Hofstra University supplies a lovely simplex-method script. [Since Javascript works by sending source code to your browser, you can use the "View Document Source" command to see exactly how the method works. If you save a copy on your own machine, it will work even when you are not connected to the internet!]
07 May 2013
RR Past Final Examinations:
I will gladly discuss any questions you can find on the Math Department's Past Exam Page, especially ones from MATH 340!
07 May 2013
RR   Course Outline for Summer 2013 08 May 2013
RR   Professor Loewen's Home Page 07 May 2013

Codes: RR = reading/reference; PP = practice problems (not to hand in); HW = homework problems (to be submitted); EXAM = midterm or final exam materials.

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