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Guide to analysis courses

A complete list of harmonic analysis courses taught at UBC:

The count starts when I was hired in Fall 2000.

That's right, UBC had a grand total of 4 graduate courses in harmonic analysis from 2000 to 2008. The situation improved for a few years starting in 2008, but unfortunately it has been deteriorating again in recent years.

Basic analysis courses:

If you are preparing for the qualifying exam:

Most of the "real analysis" material is not included in any graduate or crosslisted courses. Math 507 might be somewhat helpful, or it might not; Math 510 has no overlap whatsoever with the quals syllabus. Your only options are to take undergraduate courses (I think some number of undergraduate credits is allowed towards Master's degree), or to study on your own. The undergraduate classes in question are Math 120-121, 226-227, and 320, or their non-honours equivalents. (In complex analysis and abstract algebra, it's quite the opposite. Don't blame me. I have voiced my opposition to that arrangement many times.)