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Missed WeBWorK assignments

All twelve WeBWorK assignments will be counted equally (regardless of which assignments have more or fewer problems), except that the lowest score will automatically be dropped. If you have an illness or other circumstance that prevents you from completing one of the WeBWorK assignments, don't worry—you don't have to do anything, and your grade will not suffer, since that assignment will just be dropped. (You should still complete the problems later, though, since the purpose of the WeBWorK assignments is to give you practice on the types of problems that will appear on the exams.)

If you have a valid excuse for missing more than one WeBWorK assignment, you should follow the procedures under "Missed quizzes" below.

Missed quizzes

If you miss a quiz, you will need to provide a documented excuse to your instructor. Examples of valid excuses are an illness which has been documented by a physician or Student Health Service, or an absence to play a varsity sport (in which case your coach will provide you with a letter to give to your instructor). Your instructor must be notified within 48 hours of such an absence, and appropriate documentation must be produced within 7 days of the absence. Failure to comply with these time limits, or failure to provide a documented excuse, will result in a mark of 0 for that quiz.

A physician's note must specifically state that the student was medically unfit to write the missed quiz on the corresponding date. It must also include a phone number where the physician can be reached. Absence of this exact information, or illegible information, will result in a mark of 0 for that quiz.
If you miss a quiz due to a death in your family, you should go to your program's advising office (in Science or Engineering or Arts, for example) and obtain a Letter of Consideration or similar documentation. (This documentation is in your best interests as well, in case the repercussions of the traumatic event extended for longer than you had expected.) You are also encouraged to visit UBC Student Health Services or Counselling Services (or your own health care provider).

There will be no make-up quizzes; if you have a documented excuse for missing a quiz, your quiz average will simply be computed from the remaining quizzes. Your instructor may possibly, at their discretion, arrange for you to take a missed quiz in another section (for example, if your quiz is on a Thursday it, may be possible to take the quiz on a Friday in a different section, and vice versa). However, you must have explicit prior permission from your instructor (and the instructor of the different section) to do so; without this explicit permission, you will receive a score of 0 on that quiz if you go to a different section.

If a student has more than one missed quiz with documented excuses, the formula for computing their overall grade may be modified to put more weight on the final exam and less weight on the quizzes. In no circumstance, however, can a student have 100% of their assessment based on the final examination. A student who has not completed a substantial portion of the term work (for example, a student who misses most quizzes) will not be admitted to the final examination.

Missed final exam

The UBC calendar has detailed regulations on illness, academic concessions, and deferred standing. If you miss the final exam, you will need to present your situation to the advising office for your faculty (for example, the Faculty of Science) to be considered for deferred standing. You must do so within 48 hours of the missed final exam.

Your performance in a course up to the exam is taken into consideration in granting a deferred exam status (for example, failing badly generally means you won't be granted a deferred exam). In Mathematics, generally students sit the next available exam for the course they are taking, which could be several months after the original exam was scheduled.