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Math 230



People involved

Scheduled dates for work

Status (2011.09.26)


230.1 Literature review (articles)(2011)

Determine the current state of the problem, names of those leading research and development in the field

Katya Y

June-August 2011

Literature review completed

Links to articles are coming


230.2 Literature review (textbooks)(2011)

Review old and newest textbooks.

Katya Y

June 2011-present

A book by Sybilla Beckmann is coming

List of books reviewed is coming


230.3 Useful resourses( 2011)

Books with interesting problems; interesting articles to post

Katya Y, Steph van W, Djun K, Mark M, Malgorzata D

June 2011-present

I keep looking around for more

List and links to resourses is coming


230.4 Interviews

Conduct interviews with people who have at some point been involved or are still involved with mathematics education of future elementary school teachers

Katya Y

June 2011-present

Interviews with past instructors: Gary Rupert, Mark MacLean, Malgorzata Dubiel, Andrew Adler.

Please see Math Department course archive or CWSEI Course Materials.

230.5 Diagnostic

Run at the end and start of semester. Purpose: determine student demographic, majors, attitudes and concerns, as well as arithmetic knowledge and problem-solving skills

Katya Y, Steph vW

June 2011-April 2012

Diagnostic test has been created. Contact CWSEI-Math for a .tex and .pdf copies. It is important that the diagnostic is not available online



230.6 Learning goals

Assemble learning goals for both lectures and homework sets.

Katya Y, Steph vW

Sep 2011-present

Learning goals for Math 230 Fall 2011, with comments by Stephanie van Willigenburg. .tex file is available

Learning goals Fall 2011

230.7 Recommendations by BCCUMSP

Curriculum recommendations for the Math for future elementary educators course

The British Columbia Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Statistics

Sep 2011-present

Pages 6 and 7 contain the most important information: course objectives and recommended topics

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers