Sven Bachmann

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
228-1984 Mathematics Road
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z2,

Phone: 604-822-4605

Differential Geometry, Mathematical Physics, PDE (DG-MP-PDE)



Mathematical Physics

Here is a list of my publications

I am the coordinator of the seminar of the DG-MP-PDE group


Current: Math 100:701 Differential Calculus (September - December 2018)

Future: Math 609E:201 Topics in mathematical physics (January - April 2019).

Past: Math 305 Applied Complex Analysis
Math 223, Honours Linear Algebra
22 academic courses in mathematics and mathematical physics at LMU Munich and UC Davis
12 Bachelor's and Master's theses

Short CV

I was born in the shadow of these mountains, studied next to those, got my doctorate facing more mountains, explored those for a few years, moved closer the original ones, and am currently enjoying other wild peaks. Needless to say, I have been very lucky.

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