When Speaker Title Where
Monday, August 8 Bernardo Villarreal Herrera Nilpotent elements in SU(2) UBC and Piazza
Monday, August 8 Thomas Hughes Superprocesses, PDE and you UBC and Piazza
Tuesday, August 9 Daniel Sheinbaum Topological stability of Fermi surfaces UBC and Piazza
Tuesday, August 9 Saraí Hernández Torres Sarai's guide to stalking UBC
Wednesday, August 10 Mario Alberto Díaz Torres Enchiladas 'a la Weyl Piazza
Thursday, August 11 Francisco Gerardo Martínez Palacios Guess who's rational, guess who's not Piazza
Friday, August 12 Malors Emilio Espinosa Lara Vassiliev Knot Invariants Piazza
Saturday, August 13 Sarai Hernandez Torres Sarai's guide to stalking Piazza

UBC attendants

Talks at the University of British Columbia will be in the usual seminar style.

Date & Time: August 8 and 9, 9:30 am-10:30 am (in the morning!)

Place: MATH 125

There will be a some sort of tea before the event.

What's yellow, normed, and complete?