2016 spring Math 110 Section 002


This is the course website for section 002 of the spring 2016 Math 110 class.
Lecture notes will be posted on this website.
The office hours for this course will be held in LSK 300C, at 10-11 AM on Friday mornings and 5-6 PM on Friday evenings. Although my office hours are in Leonard S. Klinck 300C, my office is in Auditorium Annex A, room 137. If you make an appointment to meet with me outside of my office hours, you should assume that we will be meeting in my Auditorium Annex office unless I explicitly state otherwise.
In addition to lecture notes, I will provide geogebra files for the examples that we discuss in class. Geogebra is a free and open source software program that can be downloaded here:

Geogebra Download Link.

I highly recommend you download this software so that you can view the in-class examples on your computer at home.

Lecture Notes