ABOUT: A key component in UBC's strategy for excellence is investment in a diverse faculty. The recent SMART and DATA reports highlighted the need for action around best practices that support equity and transparency.  A major step in response to these reports was the appointment of a Senior Advisor to the Provost on Women Faculty whose portfolio includes promoting faculty diversity through policy development, advancement and leadership, ongoing research and assessment, and transformation of the environment. In collaboration with departments, Faculties, institutes and centres across UBC, including UBC's Equity and Inclusion Office,  as well as peer institutions internationally, we are rebuilding practices and structures for review, rewards, recognition, advancement, leadership, and support. The expected outcomes are establishing UBC as a leader in strategically attracting and developing  outstanding faculty from the broadest talent pools.



Progress snapshots: 2014 Current data collection project on faculty advancement, recruitment and retention, salary, and workforce availability for each Faculty. Collection of faculty data supports UBC's strategic priorities and commitments to equity.2015 Faculty Data


Gender and Diversity in Leadership

Media Report and Media Skills
Information on the Gender Pay Equity Initiative

Dual Careers at UBC 

Faculty Retirement Study (2013-14)

Task Force on Intersectional Gender-based Violence and Aboriginal Stereotypes: Task Force Report  and the University's response: Renewing our Commitment to Equity and Diversity
Reports and Strategic Plans from UBC's Equity and Inclusion Office


Resources for all Faculties and Departments:
Faculty Recruitment
Faculty Mentoring
Policy Checklist for departments/units
Faculty Salary Increases: Merit and PSA
Maternity/Parental/Adoptive Leaves policies, and momentum following leaves: Several UBC Faculties have these articulated in detail.  Here is one example
Faculty-specific Studies and Initiatives:
(See also Progress reports under Gender and Diversity in Leadership) Faculty of Science Working Climate Assessments 2007,2013  Mentoring Science Faculty Recruiting Guidelines Faculty of Applied Science Engineering Working Climate Assessment 2012/3 WWEST Diversity Handouts Faculty of Arts Strategic Employment Systems Review 2012 [/column][column]