The Leadership Advisory Group, with a focus on identifying leadership programs that support gender diversity in leadership in faculty and staff, has recommended the following programs to be developed as part of the upgrade of leadership programs UBC-wide. Several of these proposals are now in the implementation phase.
DRAFT: Career Advancement Series
Update: Several elements of the Career Advancement series were run in 2014-2015: UBC-wide Mentoring program, and Pre- and Post-Tenure CV and Career Development workshops (in coordination with Science-oriented Faculties).  In 2015, the UBC-V-wide Mentoring program is underway. Please contact the UBC Faculty Association for information.
DRAFT: Faculty Leadership Associates: A detailed plan for the Faculty Leadership Associations Program is now with the VP's Academic and Human Resources. This plan borrows from the previous proposal by the Leadership Advisory Group:DRAFT: Emerging Leaders
DRAFT: Career Council


The Leadership Advisory Group is presently reviewing the guidelines and processes for leadership selection in departments and institutes. Recognizing that a number of UBC Faculties have recently improved their processes to encourage transparency, wider access, and diversity in leadership appointments, the goal is to incorporate these improvements into UBC-wide practices and connect with improved policies.
Recommendations on updates to Board Policy #22 (Appointments of heads):  Sent to University Counsel for review (summer 2015)
Draft: Selection Process for heads: Guidelines for the selection process, used widely at UBC
Additional recommendations:  There is presently no Board policy on appointments and terms of Associate Deans.  There is a need to development and implement one.
Recent Meetings: Notes: May 28 meeting