The goal of the new AWM Mentor Network is to match mentors with girls and women who are interested in mathematics and/or are pursuing careers in mathematics. The network is intended to link mentors with a variety of groups: recent Ph. D's, grad students, undergrads, high school and grade school students, and teachers. Matching is based on common interests in careers in academics or industry, math education, balance of career and family, or general mathematical interests. These topics are also a part of the new Mentor Forum on the AWM Forum Web Site.
REQUEST A MENTOR: Do you need some advice as you pursue your mathematical studies or career? Do you have questions for someone who has experience and expertise as a mathematician? Would you like to know what different mathematicians do? Then request to be matched with a mentor from the AWM Mentor Network!
EMAIL FORM: Form to Request a Mentor (Please download, complete, and return via email)
BE A MENTOR: Volunteer to mentor someone in their pursuit of their mathematical interests. As a mentor you don't have to have all of the answers, but you can help to make the connection to someone or someplace that does!
EMAIL FORM: Form to Volunteer (Please download, complete, and return via email)
Contact: Prof. Rachel Kuske
Department of Mathematics
The University of British Columbia
#121-1984 Mathematics Road
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z2
phone: (604)822-4973
fax: (604)822-6074
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