MATH104:109 2017W Term 1
instructor: Nicolau Sarquis Aiex
email: nsarquis 'at'
time: Tue-Thu 3.30pm-5.00pm
location: Buchanan A104
OFFICE HOURS: Tue & Wed 2-3pm on LSK300B Math Learning Centre

Sectional Bi-weekly Homework Assignements (10% of grade)
HW1 - 19th Sept - HW1 - Solution
HW2 - 3rd Oct - HW2 - Solution
HW3 - 17th Oct - HW3 - Solution
HW4 - 31st Oct - due 7th Nov (cancelled)
HW4 - 16th Nov - due 23rd Nov

Course Website

Midterm 1 - Solutions: Midterm 1-Type A - Midterm 1-Type B

Midterm 2 - Solution: Midterm 2

Notes 19th Oct
Notes 24th Oct (related rates)
Notes 31st Oct
Notes 2nd Nov

**(14th Nov) HW4 will be handed out on Thursday 16th Nov and to be returned on Thursday 23rd Nov. This will be the last Homework assignment.
*(14th Nov) Miderm 2 solutions are available above.
*(31st Oct) The optimisation problem discussed in class is available above.
*(26th Oct) Related rates problems discussed in class on 24th Oct are available above.
*(20th Oct) The examples discussed in class on 19th Oct are available above.
**(14th Oct) Homework is available for pick up at the MLC. Bring ID, and ask for Math104 Section 109.
*(14th Oct) Midterm solutions are available above
**(14th Sept) Today's Business problem (with answers)
*(14th Sept) 10% of the grading scheme is unique to our section. These will be determined by five bi-weekly homeworks handed out in class and due on the following week (as explained on the table above). The homework will consist of a few exercises of increasing difficulty and one extra difficult challenge to complement in-class material.