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5 A page for Laura and Jessica

Let me tell you a bit about my life in the big city of Vancouver. There are many people who live here--more than two million. Most people here are very happy, like this guy. Happy Guy But some people are unhappy and they become criminals. criminals Notice how they are wearing black? Most criminals like to wear black because at night you might not see them. I know there are a lot of criminals here because my bike got stolen by one last year. That's why I'm borrowing my friend's bike to bike around. Now I have to bike to school--it's a long way and there are a lot of hills to go up and down. I'm just glad that there are no mountains between my home and school. There are a lot of mountains here.

In Vancouver, there is a lot of rain. That's why Niki and I use one of these: closed ? Maybe you will recognize it if you open it.

Niki and I have been living in Vanouver for many years. We have been students here since before Jessie was born. We have a lot of stuff here. In our new place we have a lazy-boy. lazy boy I probably use this more than I should. As well, we have my bean bag chair (which was a birthday present when I turned 14). beanbag chair Also with the picture of the bean bag chair, you can see Niki's desk. It's not very big, but compared to most people, neither is Niki. I think that she is still bigger than both of you, though. My work area is bigger than Niki's, but don't tell her. I use the earthquake table as a desk. beanbag chair We call it the earthquake table because if there was ever an earthquake, the best place to be would be under it. It is made of cast iron with a table top that is 3 cm thick. Someday, I may convert the table into a tank, but for now, I like to work on it. You may notice a big hunk of steel under the earthquake table--that is a Volker Craig terminal. It still works well but it probably is more useful as a footstool. On top of the earthquake table you can see my computer. It's called a Voyager and it lives up to its name. This computer has been on 3 different continents!! Still, realistically, soon this computer will be as useful as the Volker Craig. I guess it's kind of like clothes, you either grow out of them or they just get too worn out to wear.

When we talk on the phone we will be talking on this. the swirl phone This is a very special phone. It's the swirl phone. You probably have never seen one like it. Instead of pushing buttons to tell the phone who you want to talk to, here you turn the dial (the clear plastic thing with holes). When the dial turns, the spiral on the dial has hypnotic effects. Sometimes when people try to use our phone, they fall asleep. And other times, they start barking like a dog. Here's a short clip of the phone in action so that you can see what I mean. The swirl phone is a fun phone. The swirl phone only likes to talk with people and will not talk to computers or other funny devices. Oh well; no phone is perfect.

At home we end up playing a lot of games. We play lots of cards (2-handed Euchre, Cardwise, Cribbage, and German Whist). We also play Chess, Go, Diplomacy, and Yhatzee. Here's a game for you... who is this? who is this? It's this person.

Speaking of games, I made a game you might be interested in. A special version of CopyCat. Maybe you will have to wait for me to play it, though. Here's a game I play with my face. It's called now you see it -- now you don't(psst! Look for the beard.) Also, if you look closely at the now you don't you'll see that I had my hair cut. Don't tell Grandma that I had someone else cut my hair. Hopefully it will grow back by the time she comes to visit us, so she won't notice. When she comes, she will probably sleep on our futon. our futon

I'll have some more stuff soon. niki & jim

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