MATH 184-106 2017W Class Page

Instructor: Li Wang
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 16:00-17:00 and by appointment in AA 126

Offie hours in review week: Dec 4th Monday: 1 - 3, Dec 6th Wednesday: 11 - 1, Dec 7th 1-2.

Common course page for MATH184 Differential Calculus for Social Science and Commerce(a lot of important information here).
Class time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 15:00-16:00 in LSK 201


  • Math 184 final exam will be held on December 8 (Fri) from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM at SRC C. The information about Math 184 final exam is HERE .
  • A sample final is HERE . You should try to do the sample final exam before you use THE SOLUTION TO THE SAMPLE FINAL EXAM.
  • Midterm exam 2 will be held on November 15 (Wednesday). The time is from 7:15pm to 8:15pm in HENN201. A sample midterm 2 is HERE . You should try to do the sample midterm 2 before you use THE SOLUTION TO THE SAMPLE MIDTERM 2. For Midterm 2 you will be expected to know the material from the following sections: 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.11, 4.1, 4.2,4.3, vertical asymptotes in 2.4, horizontal asymptotes in 2.5, and the online supplementary notes: Ch. 6.8, price elasticity of demand, continuous compound interest.
  • Quiz2 will on Friday Oct 20th.
  • Midterm exam 1 will be held on October 10 (Tuesday). The time is from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, in HENN 202.
  • (From the common webpage) A sample midterm 1 is HERE . You should try to do the sample midterm 1 before you use THE SOLUTION TO THE SAMPLE MIDTERM 1.
  • For Midterm 1 you will be expected to know the material from 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.6, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 ( p171- p177) in the textbook, the marginal cost, the marginal revenue, the marginal profit and the Notes on a Basic Business Problem on online. Midterm 1 will NOT cover Elasticity in section 3.6. The weekly learning goals, and the accompanying suggested problems, outline precisely what you are expected to know. Midterm 1 consists of 6 questions, and you will have one hour to do it. No memory aids are allowed. No calculators. No communication devices. You need to bring your student ID to do Midterm 1.

    Written Assignment:

  • Assignment 1 Due on November 8
    Section3.11: 24, 29
    Section4.1: 52, 62
    Section4.2: 70
    Assignment1 solution
  • Assignment 2 Due on November 24
    Assignment2 solution
  • Assignment 3 Due on December 1
    Section4.5: 57
    Section9.1: part(a) of 17, 42
    Section3.10: 22, 26
    Assignment3 solution

    Quiz1 solution
    Quiz2 solution


  • The SOLUTIONS to midterm 1 (Version 1).
  • The SOLUTIONS to midterm 1 (Version 2).
  • The SOLUTIONS to midterm 2 (Version 1).
  • The SOLUTIONS to midterm 2 (Version 2).
  • Lecture notes:
    Sep06,Sep 08: Exponential, Inverse function, Logarithmic Functions.
    Sep11 : The business problem
    Sep13 : Limits.
    Sep15 : Computing Limits.
    Sep18 : Continuity.
    Sep20 : Intro to Derivative.
    Sep22 : Sketch Derivative.
    Sep25 : Differential Rules.
    Sep27 : Product and Quotient Rules.
    Sep29 : Derivative of Trig functions
    Oct02 : Rates of change.
    Oct04 : Growth Model and Marginal cost.
    Oct06 : Chain Rule.
    Oct11 : Implicit Differentiation.
    Oct13 : Derivative of Exponential Functions.
    Oct16 : Derivative of Logarithmic Functions
    Oct18 : Price Elasticity of Demand. notes on Elasticity of Demand.
    problems on Elasticity of Demand and on Continuous Compound Interest(with answers).
    Oct20 : Exponential Model. notes on Exponential Model
    Oct23 : More on Exponential Model, and continuous compound interest. Related Rates. Problems on Related Rates in business(with answers)
    Oct25 : More on Related Rates and Maxima and Minima.
    Oct27 : Maxima and Minima.
    Oct30 : Section 4.2, First Derivative Test.
    Nov01 : Section 4.2 Concavity.
    Nov03 : Section 4.2 Continued
    Nov06 : Section 2.4, 2.5 Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes.
    Nov08 : Section 4.3 Sketching Function.
    Nov10 : Section 4.3 Continued.
    Nov15 : Section 4.4 Optimization.
    Nov17 : Section 4.5 Linear Approximation.
    Nov20 : Section 4.5 Linear Approximation Continued.
    Nov22 : Section 4.5 Taylor Polynomial.
    Nov24 : Section 4.5 Taylor Polynomial Continued.
    Last week : Review.

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    Math Learning Center: The Math Learning Centre (or MLC for short), located at LSK 301, 302, is a space for undergraduate students to study math together, with support from tutors, who are graduate and undergraduate students in the math department MLC.