Math 220 (Section 103)

Course Outline:   outline

Set1 , Set2, Set3 , Set4, Set5, Set6 (This set will NOT be collected. It should be useful to review course materials and prepare for the midterm exam), Set7, Set8, Set9 (Due on Nov. 14, Monday), Set10 (Due on Nov 21, Monday), Set11, Set12 (not to be handed in, but it is important to finish it)

Solutions: Solution1, Solution2, Solution3, Solution4, Solution5, Solution6, Solution7, Solution8, Solution9, Solution10 , Solution11, Solution12


Final Exam: Review List , Workshop, Some olds exams questions (under "Review materials for the final exam"). I make no claims that the questions on the final exam will be similar to the questions in Workshop or Questions from the old exams.

The midterm exam will cover sections up to and include 7.1. Topics to review: Review List

More practice problems: More Practice Problems, Solutions Midterm Solutions

Notes on Well-ordering Principle: Notes 1

A useful criterion for countability: Notes 2

Some harder questions on cardinality: Notes 3

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  • Instructor: Prof. Jingyi Chen, Math Annex 1212, (604)822-6695,
  • Office Hours for Section 103: Wednesday and Thursday: 11:00am-12:30pm. Location: Math Annex 1212