MATH 441 Schedule of Presentations, Fall 2017

This page concerns MATH 441--Math Modeling: Discrete Optimization Problems--Section 101.

Scheduling Method Groups were assigned a random letter; tags were given for project names; 13 groups emailed me preferences for Bins 1-9 (each bin corresponds to a presentation date).
Here is the data (project names deleted).
This gawk script generated this this Gurobi-style *.lp file (I added a .txt extension to it).
We examined the solution in class, both to this file (max three per class) and to another (max two per class).
So far 13 groups have been scheduled as follows.

The utility function used in the above *.lp file has certain desirable properties. It DOES NOT mean that your favourite slot gives you exactly "9 times more utility" than your least favourite slot. It does mean that if you use this utility function, the resulting schedule has a lot of reasonable properties.

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