Math 200 section 106 Term 1 2017

Instructor:Jim Bryan
Office:MATH 226
Office Hours:Mondays 2:00-3:00, Wednesday 4:00-4:45
Lectures:Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:00 pm to 3:50 pm, LSK 200.
Grader: Amin Soofiani

On this page I will post some review materials for the midterm and final as well as section specific announcements, but for most information about this course,
see the main math 200 course webpage.

Dates for Quizzes, Midterm, and Final:

Midterm: Fri Oct 13 List of learning expections for the midterm are here.

Solutions to the midterm.

Solutions to the final.

Quiz 1: Fri Sept 15. Learning expectations for Quiz 1.   Solutions for Quiz 1.
Quiz 2: Fri Sept 29. Learning expectations for Quiz 2.   Solutions for Quiz 2.
Quiz 3: Fri Oct 27.   Learning expectations for Quiz 3.   Solutions for Quiz 3.
Quiz 4: Fri Nov 10   Learning expectations for Quiz 4.   Solutions for Quiz 4.
Quiz 5: Fri Nov 24   Learning expectations for Quiz 5.   Solutions for Quiz 5.

Final: date TBD

There will be no calculators or formula sheets on the quizzes or midterm or final.

In preparation for upcoming quizzes and midterm:
In previous years, this course has been taught with two midterms instead of one. Below are links to previous year's midterms (mostly with solutions) and also to additional practice problems. Of course you should also work problems from the main course webpage.

For old first midterms and review problems click here.
For old second midterms and review problems click here.

Review materials for the final can be found here.