Function: errorbar - plot with error bars

Calling Sequences:

errorbar([x,y,er], options);
errorbar([x,y,erplus,erminus], options);

errorbar(L, options);


x,y, er, erplus, erminus - real numbers

L - a set or list of error bar specifications, each in the form [x, y, er] or [x, y, erplus, erminus]

options - two-dimensional plot options, as well as horizontal and ticksize= size.



> errorbar([seq([i,i^2,10/i],i=1..10)]);

[Maple Plot]

> errorbar([seq([i,i^2,-15/i,10/i],i=1..10)],symbol=circle,colour=red);

[Maple Plot]

> errorbar([seq([i,i^2,2/i],i=1..10)],symbol=diamond,horizontal,ticksize=5);

[Maple Plot]

See also: plot[options] , plot[structure]

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