Bug fix: Problems with logarithmic plots


Compare the results of Logplot (in red) and loglogplot (in blue), to see the latter procedure's spacing problem.

> with(plots):

> display([Logplot(x+1, x = 0.01 .. 100, [true,true], colour=red),
loglogplot(2*(x+1),x=0.01 .. 100, colour=blue)]);

[Maple Plot]

> display([Logplot(abs(cos(ln(x))),x=1..1000,[true,true], colour=red),

[Maple Plot]

Tickmarks specified as a list: in logplot it works only on the non-logarithmic axis.

> logplot(x, x=0.1 .. 10, tickmarks=[[1,2,3],[1,2,3]], axes=box);

[Maple Plot]

In Logplot it works on both axes.

> Logplot(x, x=0.1 .. 10, [true,false], tickmarks=[[1,2,3],[1,2,3]], axes=box);

[Maple Plot]

See also:

logplot , loglogplot , Logplot , plot[options] , semilogplot

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