Function: changecoords2d - change coordinate systems in a 2d plot

Calling Sequences:

changecoords2d(p, coord);

changecoords2d(p, coords = coord);


p - a two-dimensional plot structure

coord - the name of a two-dimensional coordinate system


This is a replacement for plots[changecoords] for two-dimensional coordinate systems, to correct a bug in that procedure in Release 5.

The two-dimensional plot data structure p may be produced by any of the commands that plot two-dimensional graphs, with any plotting options allowed by those commands. Note that any plot options other than coords must be part of the command that produces p , not an option to changecoords2d .

coord may be any of the available two-dimensional coordinate systems: bipolar , cardioid , cartesian , cassinian , elliptic , hyperbolic , invcassinian , invelliptic , logarithmic , logcosh , maxwell , parabolic , polar , rose , tangent , or a system defined using addcoords . The transformations used are given in the coords help page.

Some of the coordinate systems have from one to three parameters, which may be specified in functional form, e.g. logcosh(2) . If parameter values are not specified, the defaults are 1, 1/2, and 1/3 for the three parameters.

The output is a two-dimensional plot data structure which may be displayed directly or assigned to a variable, perhaps modified further, and displayed later.

This function is part of the Maple Advisor Database library, and must be loaded before use by the command readlib(changecoords2d); .


> readlib(changecoords2d);

> changecoords2d(plot(x,x=0..10,scaling=constrained),polar);

> with(plots):

> changecoords2d(implicitplot(x=y,x=0..1,y=0..1),logcosh);

> changecoords2d(contourplot(x-y, x=0..1,y=0..1),logcosh);

> changecoords2d(plot(1, x=0..1), logcosh(2));

See also: addcoords , changecoords , coords , plot(coords) , transform , Two-dimensional plots with coords

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