Error: Plotting error, empty plot

This error occurs when you attempt to have Maple draw a plot that has nothing in it (no points, curves or surfaces to be plotted). Here are some common ways that this can arise:

The expression to be plotted is not defined, or its values are not real, for values of the independent variable(s) in the given interval(s).

The expression to be plotted contains some additional parameters which have not been given numerical values.

You are plotting an expression depending on a variable x , but did not use x as the name of the independent variable in the plot command.


Expression with non-real values:

> plot(sqrt(x), x = -2 .. -1);

Plotting error, empty plot

Additional parameters:

> plot(x^2+y, x = 0 .. 1);

Plotting error, empty plot

Independent variable not specified:

> plot(x^2+1, 0 .. 1);

Plotting error, empty plot

See also: plot , Plotting functions vs expressions

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