Error: Plotting error, no plot device driver for ...

This error message occurs when you try to plot something after setting the plot device to something for which Maple does not have a device driver. It is most likely the result of a spelling error in setting the plot device (in which case, if you used plotsetup , you should have received a warning message):

> plotsetup(jpg,plotoutput=`myplot.jpg`);

Warning, unknown plot device

> plot(x,x=0..1);

Plotting error, no plot device driver for plotdevice=jpg

In this case the correct name of the device you want is jpeg , not jpg . The following should work.

> plotsetup(jpeg,plotoutput=`myplot.jpg`);

> plot(x,x=0..1);

If there's no spelling mistake, it could be that the device driver really is missing. In Windows, these drivers are files with extension .dll in Maple's bin.wnt subdirectory. You should be very careful about deleting files in this directory.

See also:

interface , plot(device) , plotsetup , Plotting to a file or a printer

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